Red Responds: An Inequality Issue

Karen in Fort Worth writes:

After almost 20 years at the same company, I’m considering pursuing a career opportunity with a different organization. The main reason I’m considering the move is due to the fact that I’m significantly underpaid in relation to others in my department with similar responsibilities. By significantly, I mean $30-$40K a year. Truthfully, I have more responsibility and I’m more knowledgeable than those making so much more than me. Let me add, I’m the only woman in my department.

So, after failed attempts to resolve the inequality issue, I’m applying for a job at a different company. This other company knows me, and knows my work with their product, as they are a software vendor used by my current organization. My question is “Will I get the job at this other company, and will it bring me the salary and benefits I’m expecting? “

Dear Karen,


As far as we have come as a society, there are some places that the “good ‘ole boys’ club” is still alive and well – and it’s not only in Presidential elections! I am so sorry that you have been caught in the midst of it. One of the reasons you are being economically abused at your current job is your job title. It may not match your duties, but it is within range of your pay scale.


It is unfortunate that you have to leave in order to get the respect and paycheck that is worthy of you, but the good news is everything will fall into place. Even though you are known, you are going to have to jump through the same hoops as every other applicant for this position. However, you will triumph. By the end of November, you should be starting your new position. While you may not get precisely the salary you are looking for, you will get at least $20,000 more than what you currently make, with the opportunity for an increase after two years.


The new job looks as if it is a very good match for you, and you will be happier in this new environment. The transition and adjustment look rather smooth.


Good luck and congratulations!
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