Red Responds: She Got Into a Fight With a Witch

Jennifer in Turners Station writes:

I had a very serious disagreement with a woman a little over a year ago. Since then, I have heard rumors that she is a witch, or dabbles in the occult. Strange things have been occuring to my family and I for the past few months. Is there a chance that we could be under a “curse?” If so, how do we rid ourselves of it?

Dear Jennifer,

As far as I can tell, there are no curses or hexes on you or your family. You guys have just been having a run of odd luck.

The woman you argued with is magically inclined, but she never sent any bad mojo your way. I don’t even think she tried.

Magic is energy that is focused or directed to accomplish a desired result. Think of it like a battery. It doesn’t matter if it is being used or sitting in it’s original package – the energy it contains will fade over time. The same principle is true of magic. Whether for good or ill, once the magical energy is released, it will either do its assigned task or lose its punch. If she had wanted to send ill will your way, chances are good that it would have found its mark long before now. Secondly, while you may not be her favorite person, you didn’t anger her nearly enough for her to want revenge.

Both psychically and by the laws of physics, you come through as curse and hex free. However, since you have been experiencing some odd things, it may not be a bad idea to burn some sage to cleanse the negative energies and vibrations from your home. Not only does it purify, but it has a pleasant and calming scent. Many health stores and Native American stores have sage bundles readily available, or you can easily find it online.

When a person believes that they have been jinxed, that energy finds its way out into the world, and unusual things are likely to happen. Belief is energy. One of the biggest gifts you can give a person is your belief in them, or belief that they have power over you. Meditate, pray, burn sage – whatever. Just understand that whatever action you take to change the energetic vibrations around you and your luck, is more likely to bring positive change if you believe it will.

I hope this helps!
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