A Blissful Night In

Sometimes the thing we least want to do is what we need to do the most.
Sure, a Friday night dinner with your best friends, a Saturday house
party, a Thursday museum event or that wine tasting have allure. But
you’re frazzled and you can’t see the forest for the trees. You feel
like you just can’t get a break and you’re starting to give short
answers to those questions from your co-workers. Frankly, everyone is
driving you crazy! You know what? You need a night in.

Here’s what the staff at California Psychics do on those nights in. Maybe you can pick up a new ritual or two from our hard-working team.

Clarity and the ocean
My perfect night in starts out with a long walk, or a run to the beach to clear my head from the day’s events. When I come home I take a relaxing bath, change into comfortable clothing, light candles, dim the lights and have a glass of wine. Sometimes I enjoy reading a good book or watching a great movie. I like to go to bed by midnight, so I get a good night’s rest. Knowing that I will wake up refreshed and alert makes for an even better night’s sleep. I end my evening by listening to relaxing music (such as meditation CDs on prosperity or abundance), while writing in my journal – or doing a quick meditation. I always make sure to listen or read something beautiful and peaceful before going to bed. Then I won’t have disturbing dreams – I never watch the news or violent movies, either. (Julia)

Alone again, naturally
First, I turn on the lights in the house, exactly as I like them – dim yet focused on the beautiful art pieces in the rooms. I leave the television off, then light my favorite candles (D&G at the moment). I burn incense (carried back from a recent trip to Indonesia) on the Buddhist alter by the front door, and I turn on Jason Bentley – my favorite DJ, who plays cool global dance music and interesting remixes of indie bands. I listen for him to play my current favorite tracks – a Chemical Brothers remix of Oasis or anything on Kraak and Smaak’s new album. I then slip into my favorite Frida Kahlo T-shirt, and undies. Ah, this is the bliss moment that defines me! A nice glass of white wine from the kitchen downstairs is calling my name, so I open a new bottle to pour (how decadent, because I only want a glass – or maybe two!). I might decide to go through stacks of old magazines, talk to an old friend or call my sister on the phone – or maybe I’ll run a bath with floating candles and scented crystals. I usually stay up as long as I can keep my eyes open – until at least one or two in the morning, or when my husband returns home. These are the moments that I know exactly who I am. (Kim)

Low fidelity
My idea of a night in? Four words…The Legend of Zelda. I am the office nerd, and being a nerd, I feel it is my duty to truthfully admit that sometimes I would rather stay home and play Wii whilst drinking a glass of red wine (I like HRM Rex Goliath – the wine with the picture of a rooster – as it is only $8 with a club card). I put on my ratty PJs, make some tea (I collect tea), light the lavender incense and read The Week (the best news analysis magazine, in my opinion). When I’m feeling particularly adventurous I watch Lost or True Blood, which usually frightens me – so I end up falling asleep to The Princess Bride while my kitten pounces on my ear. Home sweet home. (Jen)

Dog tired
I usually have two very quiet evenings home alone each week, if only for a few hours. Whenever I’m leaning toward burnout, I allow my dog to take me on one of his long, languid “sniff” walks (rather than trying to burn a few extra calories by rushing him through a brisk peel around the block). My dog gets so “in the moment,” sniffing every flower and bush along the way that I, too, begin checking out the sky and our neighbor’s landscaping. I look forward to the deep breaths I will take when I stop to take in the ocean view, only blocks away. When I get home I keep all the lights off in our home, turn down the phones, open the patio doors and bedroom windows (I love a cool breeze), and then slip under the covers with my earphones on to listen to “brainwave music” by Jeffrey Thompson, or the healing sounds of Steven Halpern. Both move you into a deep, deep state of relaxation, completely effortlessly, by using sound pulses and tones that soothe the brain. It’s pure bliss! (Daina)

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