Red Responds: He is Creating Distance Between Them

Confused and Tired in Canada writes:

I have been talking with the same psychic for over four months now. I am in a long distance relationship with a man who I strongly feel is my soulmate and my psychic has confirmed this repeatedly. It has now been 10 months and for the past six, he has been creating distance between us – my psychic says that he will soon have an “epiphany” and will realize that what we share is a union that started many lives ago. I have now given him an ultimatum – to move forward with me or to let me go. Despite on-going support from G, my gut tells me he will not commit. Who do I believe – G and my guides or my gut feeling?

Dear Confused and Tired,


It isn’t unusual for long-distance relationships to evolve in a less than traditional manner. Even when two people are connected, the distance can feel like more than just miles.


I happen to agree with both you and your psychic. Your man is heading for an epiphany, one that will reaffirm and more clearly illustrate for him what the two of you share in this life. Even though there is a past life connection, and the karmic issues that come with it, his logical mind will be processing what exists between the two of you now. What happened between the two of you lives ago is much less important to him. Your ultimatum has created an energetic momentum that will push him to examine all facets of your relationship more closely, and this will eventually enhance your relationship with him.


Your gut is trying to prepare you for the fact that things aren’t going to come together in the neat little package you have requested. Just because you feel that it is time to bring this relationship to a new level and handed him an ultimatum doesn’t ensure immediate clarity on his part. That is something he must find on his own, in his own time – not yours. Eventually, he will give you the commitment you are asking for because it is what he wants and what makes sense to him. However, he is likely to withdraw even further from you before he has his epiphany, and sees the truth and sense in what you already know.


The road ahead may be a bit bumpy, but the destination will still be reached. Just because you will get what you want doesn’t mean that the process is going to unfold how you want it. That’s part of the core of karmic relationships – the opportunity to restore harmony and balance and correct past-life mistakes.

Good luck!
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