Red Responds: She Reached Out to His Mom

Kathy in San Jose writes:

Twenty years ago I worked with a wonderful guy named David. I had a crush on him immediately and it has never gone away. I want to reconnect with him and called his mom (his number isn’t listed). I told her who I was and how I knew him. I gave her my email address to give to him. That was over three weeks ago. I would really love to talk to him, but I guess he doesn’t want to. Do you see us reconnecting in the future? Will he ever come around and email me?

I tell myself that he isn’t into me and to forget it. He liked me also and was attracted to me. My birthday is 1/9/1950. David’s birthday is 5/7/1960. I think my wanting to contact him is about release and letting go. But if we were to hook up and get married, I’d be up for that! Thanks for all the great help you give to everyone. I get help just by reading the answers you give to other people.

Dear Kathy,

You will eventually have the opportunity to reconnect with your David, but there’s no point in checking your email like a madwoman currently.

David’s mother did pass along your information, but the guy is rather wrapped up in his life. Even though he has fond memories, he’s not quite sure why you would want to touch base with him now. Though it could take months, if his mind continues to wonder about what you could possibly have to say to him, he will drop you a line. IF things go that way, it is most likely to happen sometime in October.

Here’s where things get psychically weird. Years could go by, but you will cross paths with this man again. It could be two years or ten years, I don’t know when, I just know that you will.

As far as your “release and let go” theory, things aren’t going to quite work out that way. While I’m not seeing matching wedding bands, I also can’t rule out a pretty joyful relationship forming between the two of you in the future – like a flirty friendship.

There are some people that you can’t forget, and he seems to be one of yours. Even though that is the case, I don’t see you holding on so tightly that you allow your memories and thoughts of him to hold you back. In your own way, you’ve already begun to let go of him, but you aren’t going to forget about him, either.

Just keep doing what you’re doing, heading down the path you’ve set forth. Seems like you are doing well and on the right track.

Thanks for all your kind words! I hope this helps you…

Be well!
Ext. 9226

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