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What can a psychic reading do for you when you are dealing with the addiction of someone close to you, or thinking about confronting your own? In either case, our team of California Psychics say that when the overwhelming consequences of addiction spins lives out of control, the most important messages they can relate to callers are those that help focus in on the most effective path for taking back personal power.

“The best help we can provide is to allow callers to see that they or their loved ones are addicted, and in doing so, make it imperative that they take their power back and reset their thinking to powerful feelings and words,” TeriLynn ext. 9625 states. Whether the situation has lead to despair, anger, lack of self or self-worth, reveling in these energies are not in anyone’s best self interest and will not help the situation, the psychic asserts. “I then recommend that the addicted and their loved ones who are bound up in the situation seek professional resources and intervention.”

Our psychics say that they will often reveal as many possibilities for transformation as they can find in readings. They want want them to be able to see the different sides of their situation, give them choices, and remind them that nothing really works in this universe, until the personal choice is made to put energy into their predicament.

Miss Krystal ext. 9192 finds that some addicts are sitting with unresolved trauma, deep heartaches, or holding on to old childhood perceptions and ideas that trigger their compulsions. Those who come to a place where they can be honest enough with themselves to actually see they are stuck, or finally listen when they hear that their life has fallen into an awful place, are the ones who are able to find the power to help themselves out of their situation. “One thing I have learned from years of psychic readings is that addicts have to want to get better.”

“I get a vision that looks like a bacteria permeating cells, creating an irregular mass, I call it the aggressive use of substance,” one psychic describes. She also advises clients that you cannot change the behavior of others, only your own… “It may be time to share worrisome observations, divulge the hurt of another’s addiction, or place ultimatums. If this is not received positively, the caller may need to take a good look at their own future.”

If you are involved with an addict, our psychics suggest that you avoid these power depleting practices: 1) don’t blame yourself 2) don’t try to control them or fix the addict. The decision to heal must come from the addict. If you are the addict, and you have come to a place where you want to do something about it, get the proper professional help.

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