Red Responds: Their Personalities Clash So Much

Hi Red (that’s my mom’s name)!

I’ve had the same two questions on my mind for some years now and the answer to them could change my whole perspective on my life!!! Red, I’ve been with my significant other for almost four years now and he’s very special to me. However, our personalities clash so much that I wonder if he’s the right one for me. When things are good things are GOOD, but when we fight, we REALLY FIGHT! I believe we love each other very strongly but will we ever have harmony?

Also, my career is such a big question mark. I have many talents and ideas, but I just don’t know which one to make a career!

Right now I’m focusing my energy on singing but will I be successful with that? HELP!!!

Thanks Red,

Ms. Anxious

Dear Ms. Anxious,

When you bring two very passionate, strong-willed, stubborn people together, explosions happen. And you two really know what buttons to push with each other.

I’m not real sure that either of you could exist in this relationship if it were harmonious. It seems that the battles are a form of connection and communication between the two of you, even though it tends to get out of hand. As much as I’d like to, I don’t see the two of you being able to break the pattern of chaos.

Your love is strong for each other, but much of that is because of the history you share. It is enough to keep you together, but not in peace. What you have is what you have. The GOOD isn’t coming through as GOOD ENOUGH. Eventually, there will be one blowout too many. How soon or how long has to do mainly with how much more you’re willing to put up with.

As far as your singing goes, you’ve been struggling and there’s some more difficulty that lies ahead. Girl, do not give up! You will be heard! I want to encourage you to put more effort and energy into your career. You’ve got a gift. Pound the pavement, knock on the doors, and for heaven’s sake, audition. I know this isn’t quite the direction of your ultimate goals, but it looks like we will be hearing your voice in a commercial jingle. Not only is it a start, but through this you will meet a man who will help you get things going the way you want them to.

Once you’ve got one foot on the road to success, your other foot is going to find your man’s behind, if it hasn’t already. Your life is going to change all the way around, big-time, and for the better.

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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