Red Responds: Searching for Her Birth Mother

Carolyn in Chicago writes:

I am adopted and have been on a long search for my birth mother. I have hit so many dead ends I am beside myself. Do you see me ever discovering who she is? I’m a Virgo born September 3 (at least that is what it says on my birth certificate).

Dear Carolyn,

Trying to track down blood relatives is always a challenge, but don’t give up on your search! Every time you hit a dead end, it just means you need to look in another direction.

If it helps, your birth mother did give you up in hopes of you having a fair shot at life. She was young, broke, and alone… and really didn’t see any way that she could provide for you or raise you when she had so little control over her own life.

You are very fortunate, for at least you know your date of birth. I do believe that it is accurate, and a valuable piece of information to aid you on your quest. While the process may be mentally and emotionally exhausting to you, eventually, you will be rewarded for all of your efforts and tears.

I know that you have been searching for a long time, and you have years of effort that lie in front of you still. Please don’t let that dishearten you, because not only do I see that you will find out who your birth mother is, I also see that you will meet her!

Good luck!
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