Should Psychics Use Tools?

Is it better to get a reading from a psychic who uses tools like the Tarot, Astrology, Numerology or the I-Ching? Or do you prefer a reading from an intuitive who relies purely on their psychic gifts, whether it be Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience or Mediumship (just to name a few). Not sure?

Here’s what our psychics have to say. Believe it or not this topic stirs up controversy between the psychics themselves! And, callers who have developed reading preferences over their years of experience consulting with psychics, often choose psychics by how they read – tools or no tools – and may even have a preference for which tools they do (or don’t use).

So why the debate? There are psychics who believe that a true psychic reading involves only the vision, insight and understanding a spiritually gifted reader can bring to a caller. Tools are a crutch, some psychics believe, that merely require a factual understanding of how they work. Anyone can learn to read the Tarot, interpret an astrological chart with study, or divine with a pendulum, they say. Some customers call these psychics “purists.” Yet other customers wouldn’t dream of getting a reading without tools being used. It basically boils down to a matter of preference.

Psychic Gina Rose ext. 9500, who also teaches intuitive awareness,is a staunch supporter of “tool free” readings. A psychic using tools is “like Picasso painting by numbers,” she describes. She believes that until a psychic “develops blind faith in their own guides or gift, they will never ever, fully utilize and develop their natural born instincts.

“Yet other psychics disagree, saying that backing up psychic gifts with tools is not a sign of someone being more or less psychic. “The only part of the equation that is absolutely necessary,” says Jonathan ext. 9601, a psychic with 30 years of experience (who generally reads without tools), “is psychic ability. The rest is personal preference.”

“Every psychic has their own style and forte,” says Psychic Medium Michael ext. 9604. Many of our psychics do readings both ways based on what they are drawn to do to answer caller’s inquiries. It’s more important for the reader to be comfortable with themselves and the way they conduct readings verses whether or not they use tools, Michael believes. “I have clients who have spoken to several California Psychics, those who do and don’t use any form of tools. They tell me they have received the same information from all of them.”

Our psychics tell us they use tools to focus their attention on a client’s question, to validate their readings, search deeper for answers, and to tap into information more quickly in consideration of a caller’s time as they read over the phone. “I predominantly use the Tarot to check if my intuition is running in tandem with the outcome stated in the Tarot deck,” explains Althea ext. 9582 who also gets birth dates from callers to delve into certain traits astrologically. She may even use dream interpretation to help them decipher hidden messages. “I believe that all of these tools and learned information, coupled with my own intangible psychic abilities, help give a collective reading that is the marriage of my total skill set.”

TeriLynn ext. 9625 adds, “I use Tarot cards as a tool because I see the time and hear the circumstances and feel the ambiance of the event more clearly than when I do not use tools.”

The very best readings whether they’re done with tools or without, our psychics conclude, come from connecting with a client’s energy. Reading without tools is easier when the psychic and reader are face to face. “The energy exchange is head on in a physically shared space.” Althea suggests.

Each psychic at California Psychics has their own combination of things they use when they divine a reading to give the person they are reading with the best possible experience. “Staying true to one’s own psychic ability is the greatest tool one can have!” our psychics agree.

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