Red Responds: She Wants to Know if Her Guides Are Negative or Positive

Kayla in Newport Beach writes:

I have a question about my own guides. I had a psychic reading not too long ago. During the reading they mentioned I have guides whom they were talking to while making a decision. I want to know if the guides are negative or positive guides. I ask because I’ve dreamt where I know they are there and feel them — as if I’m having an out of body experience that sometimes doesn’t feel right, other times I’m fine, that gives me fear. There are times I fall asleep and I feel that presence — I’ve felt that since I was maybe 12. I would also, and still do, get dreams that become real or as if I felt that I had seen that before and I have always trusted my dreams. There are times where I feel some energy around me or in the area I am in that isn’t good, however, I think it’s fear that I have as well. What can I do or should do?

Dear Kayla,

Spirit Guides, like human beings, do emit an energy field. Sometimes the vibes are pleasant, other times, not so much. But, this phenomenon doesn’t really fall into a black-and-white descriptive such as “positive” or “negative.” As a general rule, our guides are here to help us and protect us – which can be classified as positive. But, their presence may not always feel comforting — which can often be useful in getting us to pay attention. For example, I have a guide that I don’t necessarily “like,” because he has seriously heavy and broody energy to my perception, and a rather gruff demeanor — but I trust him with my life. He’s not always noticeably with me, but when he is, I certainly snap to attention! You may be experiencing something similar, or being visited by a guide who isn’t necessarily one of your “regulars.”

It is good that you pay attention to your dreams and energetic sensations. Keep at it. For those who are in-tune, there are messages everywhere and in everything. I’m not sensing anything dark or dangerous around you, but you should still take heed and react to anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Without talking to you or sharing in your experiences, it is hard for me to give you an exact answer. Because of that, I advise you to start keeping a record of your experiences. This is very likely to help you make sense of what you are perceiving. It is a very natural response to become uneasy, or to fear, that which doesn’t make sense or feel quite right — so acknowledge that fear, and respect it. There is always the possibility that you are picking up some kind of warning. However, don’t be afraid to consciously go back and explore and analyze the sensations after the fact, when you are feeling comfortable and safe. It could be that there is something going on that you aren’t interpreting correctly, or it could be some type of indicator of importance, such as timing, or choices. Keeping an active record will reveal patterns, aspects of cause-and-effect, and can often clarify the true meaning of a vision or sensation.

I hope this helps!
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