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Looking for a partner in this crazy dating world can seem like an endless stream of hopeful coffee dates and disappointment. You just don’t know how long it will take you to find your soulmate – but you do know that you will find them! Here are some tips to speed up the process and get to your perfect match more quickly.

Mix it up
If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got. One of the challenges of being single for an extended period of time is that sometimes you build a life that keeps you single! You get used to a safe predictable routine. You always go to the gym at the same time. You always walk your dog at the same time. You see the same faces at the grocery store. If you want change, you have to make a change. So, shake it up — completely! Each day for 30 days, change one thing. Shop at a different store, walk your dog in a new dog park or get a guest membership at a gym across town. Many have one-week trial memberships, and yes, you may have to sit through a sales pitch – but hey, your soulmate might just be the gym trainer sitting right in front of you.

Don’t say no
If a friend asks you to go to a soccer match and you don’t know anything about soccer, go anyway! You might just meet the perfect person to explain the game to you – sitting one seat over. Go to parties or gatherings you may not have been open to in the past. Try lectures on things you know little about. It’s the best way to open up your circle, and make sure you’re open to new things. Now that’s sexy — and it will get you noticed.

Look up!
Yup! It’s just that simple. As you are trying out your alternative soulmate-search lifestyle, look up and all around you. At this new grocery store that you have never shopped in before, look at the layout. Pick up items and really look at them before you toss them into your basket. People who are fully engaged in their tasks look interesting to others. In other words, get present in your space. It’s all brand-new, and so is your outlook. Look up to remind yourself to keep your chin up – and to see who else is shopping. If you do catch the eye of someone attractive, don’t just shut it away in your mind. Wander a little closer, and give them a chance. Things may just be… looking up.

Be intentional
Our lives are created through our intentions. We say we want to meet our soulmates, but is that our true intention? The days fill up with tasks and errands, work and obligations. Without some deliberate intentions we are reduced to life as worker bees, only focused on the task, unaware of the entirety of our efforts. So every morning, when you wake up, say this out loud so you can hear your voice and align your energy with your desire, “It is my intention to meet my soulmate within the next 30 days. Bring me to the exact right place at the exact right time, and show me clearly who this is. I trust.”

If meeting your soulmate were an exact science, it wouldn’t be the inspirational journey that it is. Your soulmate is out there. In fact, people fall in love all over the world every day. So, start fresh and let the universe hear your heart’s desire. Get specific, and see what the next month holds for you!

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