Red Responds: Is Her Twin Soul Out There?

Dear Red,

I really need some help. I want to pursue my singing career (something I began to have a passion for at the age of 4; I’m 32 now). I think I’m to meet someone to mentor me with this (a feeling I get) but I don’t know where to turn!

Also, I just got divorced on April 28, 2006. Something I still can’t believe happened to me, the whole chain of events, of what my husband did to me–I just can’t believe it! Was it meant to end this way? I just want to know if I have a “twin soul” out there, waiting for me, and if you see anyone (I mean like “The ONE”). If you do see the one, please tell me what month I’m going to meet him and where, and will he feel the same about me as well? Will this be a permanent relationship?

Thank you Red, and God bless you!

– Lost in Louisiana

Dear Lost,

First, your marriage, while it didn’t have to end quite the way it did, it wasn’t going to last forever. It’s time for you to just quietly accept things as they are – you’re probably never going to be able to completely comprehend the “how’s and why’s” things went they way they did. That may sound callous, but the best thing you can do for yourself is put it behind you and not let it define you.

Your singing career is presenting as being intertwined with your next romance. I don’t know if you are currently singing with a larger group of people or a choir, but this is where romance begins to bloom. This gentleman will enter your life sometime in December.

I wouldn’t exactly call him a mentor, but he does have knowledge and some connections to the music industry. He feels more like support and a driving force to help you pursue your dreams. With his assistance, your voice will be heard! While I’m not going to sit here and label him “The ONE”, he is someone you are meant to meet.

Not only does he help you further your talents and exposure professionally, he also has a very emotionally calming presence for you. He has very caring and gentle energy that will help you get back into a place of security within yourself, and not just because this relationship is one of romantic stability. While I feel that he is going to be in your life long-term, I don’t see a marriage with him. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t evolve into that, it just means that his higher purpose in your life has more to do with teaching and healing you than taking vows of marriage. Talk to me after you meet him, and I’m sure more of the story here will be revealed.

It has always been said that there is someone for everyone, and my experiences as a psychic have taught me that the saying is most likely true. While there is nothing around you that leads me to believe that marriage is not in your future, everything around you tells me that as of right now, marriage is not your answer for happiness. You need to find security within yourself and your achievements before your going to get the wedding vows.

You are in a transitional period of your life right now. It’s very emotional, very shaky. It’s also a necessary process. I just want to tell you to slow down and just “be”. Everything is going to come together for you, but it’s going to take a little time. While you may feel like your life is out of control, to me it looks like everything is lining up for you to have the opportunity to exceed your childhood dreams.

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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