Red Responds: The Time is Now

My son just graduated from high school and wants to stay home for a year to attend a local school. I’m almost 51 and feel like it’s time for me to move on to another place. Thing is, I have made a lot of friends and business contacts here in the past 11 years, so my logical sense says don’t start over. Yet, I’m a Leo living in a Scorpio state in a Scorpio city. I’ve done well with it, but it’s like a wet blanket in some ways and I feel I would do better elsewhere. I’ve been single for 16 years and want a change there also. Cary/Chapel Hill has much better energy for me but that’s 3 hours away! The timing for me is now, the timing for my Aries son is not! I could also move just 20 miles away instead, and be closer to a lake. Would being close to water help the “wet blanket” syndrome and allow me to stay closer, or should I go to a better place further away? Or, lastly, should I just stay close to home for a year?? Help!!

– Diane in Charlotte

Dear Diane,

You are absolutely correct in your assessment that it is time for you to relocate. This is a much needed change that has been stirring around you for a while now.

It is logical to try and talk yourself out of making a move. Starting over is a big deal, especially when you have already established yourself. You feel like a caged lion, pacing back and forth in a confining situation, looking for a gap large enough in the bars to squeeze through. While you are quite capable of suppressing your feelings and continuing on where you are at for at least another year, it is somewhat soul-killing for you. Still, it’s an option.

Life is not this fast-paced, obligation-filled race to the finish line anymore. We are all so consumed with doing, pleasing, and achieving what is put forth as being “right” that most of us forget to take care of our own needs. Everything comes before us because we think there is some magical time-slot in which we will be free to nurture ourselves, once everything else is in alignment. The simple truth is, if you wait for that time-slot, there will always be one more thing, one more reason to not serve yourself. I want you to think about that.

Moving closer to a lake, while it seems like a good compromise, doesn’t really change your circumstances all that much. The unrest is still there, but minimized. It would be a temporary solution, but not a final one. I think you already know this. The Cary/Chapel Hill area seems to call to you. As a matter of fact, it calls to you so strongly that I see you skipping the lake area move, and heading straight to Cary/Chapel Hill sometime in November or December of this year.

Looking at your son, he is firmly rooted in the area where you are now. It looks as if arrangements will be made so that he stays, you go. It isn’t going to be the easiest transition for him, or you, but it all comes together in the end.

Personally and professionally you will flourish in a new location. Once you settle into your new-found freedom and inner peace, you will wonder why you waited so long!

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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