Red Responds: 12 Interviews and Nothing

Rose in La Jolla writes:

I am a Virgo, born on August 31, on a Monday at 3pm. I ‘ve always had a hard time when it comes to finding employment – it is as if the person who will make the decision to hire me takes an instant “dislike” for me or becomes afraid that I will go after their job. I lost my last job on April 20 of this year and despite at least 12 or so interviews, not one job offer has been made to me. I am a good and responsible worker who takes my responsibilities very seriously, and normally, I get along with everyone at work. However, I am reaching a point where I don’t know what else to do as far as getting a job – to convince prospective employers that hiring me will not be a mistake.

Dear Rose,

Finding a new job is a grueling job in itself these days. It’s a tough world. Being qualified, responsible and conscientious doesn’t mean quite as much in the process as it once did. As the applicant, you need to shine.

You are getting called to interview, which is half the battle. What you need to work on is your presentation with the interviewer. Prepare yourself fully to win over the person evaluating you by selling yourself as well as your qualifications. As you stated, the people interviewing you become a bit insecure over their own positions because you are putting too much emphasis on your focus and ambitions.

It’s an awkward position to be in when you are more intelligent than the person interviewing you. But, just because you know it doesn’t mean that you should let on that you know it. That person has what you need: The Job.

You need to soften your approach during the interview process. You come off a bit dead-pan and cold. It doesn’t matter how good of a fit you are for the position, if the interviewer doesn’t like you or feel as if they connect with you on a personal level – you aren’t going to get the job.

You need to transform yourself into Interview Rose. She is confident, but not arrogant – has focus, but not tunnel-vision. She has a smile on her face and in her heart – someone other people like to be around. She leaves her problems and tensions in the parking lot because she knows that this interview is going to go well. Even if this isn’t her dream job, she will do it well and enjoy it. She is not desperate for a job, she just happens to be free at the moment and feels as if this particular company is one that she can align herself with.

Do a little research. There are many books and websites you can refer to that can help you prepare to interview well, and point out the many mistakes people make during the interview process. A trained interviewer is assessing everything from your posture and body language to the choice of words you use. There are many Do’s and Don’ts for interviewing – many of which may seem ridiculous, but can cost you a position none-the-less.

Buy a new outfit to interview in. Do your makeup slightly different on the day of the interview. These physical changes will help to remind you that you are Interview Rose: The Woman Who Gets the Job. With a little practice and a minor transformation, you should be working in roughly two months.

Good Luck!
Ext. 9226

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