Red Responds: Suffering From a Dry Spell

Laurie in Shreveport writes:

I’ve been off and on with an unavailable guy for three or four years now. My feelings are still strong for him, but I’ve realized this is going nowhere. So for now, we’re off. It seems though, as if there is something holding me back from meeting anyone else. I’ve never had absolutely no interest in anybody and no prospects in sight before. Why am I suffering from such a dry spell? I’ve also been experiencing the same thing in my professional life. My job will “valley and peak” and then bottom out for awhile. I always recover, but can’t seem to get ahead. Are these two situations somehow related?

Dear Laurie,

Everyone goes through these stagnant times in life. Some people just move through them more quickly than others.

It seems as if there is something going on astrologically that is impeding your progress. If I were you, I would have your chart done. We have many top-notch astrologers at California Psychics who can help you start to understand the planetary forces that are working for and against you, and advise you on how to level the playing field.

The second thing you’ve got going on is outward complacency. I see that you want new and better things for yourself, but you aren’t necessarily doing anything different to change your circumstances. I see you spending time thinking about how to make things different, but you’re not following through with action. This is affecting your personal life as well as your professional life.Professionally, what is it that you really want to be doing? Even though your job comes through as stable, there’s no fire or passion here. It’s just a means to an end. You can do better than what you are, and you don’t necessarily have to change jobs to create the level of success you want. You just need to add a new element to your current career, look at things differently and expand your vision. You’re stuck in the net of safety and that seems to hold you back.

Looking at your romantic dry spell, I have to tell you that this is a good thing. Allow yourself to heal from a relationship that served its purpose, but is currently not productive to you. Letting go is always hard, but not impossible. As for your lack of interest in other guys at the moment, enjoy this time of solitude. This is a time for you to explore yourself and figure out what you truly want out of a relationship. You are coming into that place and time of life where you are ready to embrace something deeper.

Don’t worry. Romance and chemistry haven’t abandoned you. It will find you once again in a nice package of a guy who may be a couple of years younger than you. Roll with it. He will fill your heart with joy, and that reignites your passion for life. There is just something about him that makes you feel like there’s nothing you can’t do. Talk about a nice change!

You are caught up in a pattern of playing it safe. Right now you are going through the motions of life, but not truly living it. Find your way back to faith in yourself and the world around you. You’ll be surprised at how much easier things come when you are ready to embrace change, rather than fear it.

Brightest Blessings
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