Red Responds: Is He Hiding the Truth?

Sue in Manchester writes:

I feel as though my boyfriend is keeping something from me. I am afraid he is married and he is hiding the truth. He is a very loving person, but I do not spend a lot of time with him. I feel intuition is trying to say be careful. Please help!

Dear Sue,

While your boyfriend isn’t the most honest guy, he isn’t married. It looks as if he was once engaged or very close to marriage but I’m not seeing any legal ties binding him currently.

If I were you, I’d start thinking of this relationship more as friends with benefits rather than an exclusive boyfriend-girlfriend scenario. While you may be true to him, he does have another woman who occupies his time.

This guy does struggle with which way – and with whom – he wants his future to unfold. If you play your cards right, you very well could end up being his choice. Be prepared, however, for things to unfold slowly. The truth of the matter is, he doesn’t currently want to be securely bound and tied to any one woman to answer to.

If you try and rush the progression of this relationship, you most likely will push him away.

Trust your intuition. Now is not the time to be planning your future with this one man alone, but to enjoy the time you do share with him without a heavy attachment.

If you allow him his space and freedom now, this relationship will evolve over the next three months. It is during that time that you will truly begin to know the man who, for right now, seems like such a mystery.

Brightest Blessings,
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