Red Responds: A New Phase

Hi Red,

I am a Taurus and what a year 2006 was! I lost my job of 10 years, experienced an abrupt ending to a relationship that made me very happy, and then, the return of a person who had been in my life two years prior and just as quickly, his exit. I don’t get it!!

Now, it may be possible that I will return to my old job. Do you see this happening? And is there a relationship with someone wonderful in my future? I see all change as a positive step forward eventually and 2007 as a new phase in life that has been pretty wonderful so far, if a little bit lonely.

Debbi in Ressing

Dear Debbi,

Girl, I love your attitude.

While it does seem like you will be offered the opportunity to go back to work at your old job, things aren’t going to be quite the same. It seems like the place has changed a bit, and not totally for the better. While you may go back to work there for a little while, there is something much better for you out there on the horizon. I think you’re just being given the opportunity to leave on your terms, with all questions answered.

Love will find you at your new job. When I say new, I mean a place in which you have not worked before. It’s a great opportunity. September seems to be the time of love and prosperity for you.

Because the Universe seems to have a somewhat ironic sense of humor at times, when you meet your man, the relationship has the added allure of being “forbidden”. I think intermingling is against company policy. To create a little more chaos, though he is not your boss, his position is one of authority above you. And, I think he’s also a Taurus!

Keep living life with a smile. It’s infectious.

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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