Marching Orders (for March)

It’s a new month and time for some new goals! Here are some guidelines for goal setting – and achieving – for the month of March!

First, define your goals.
That seems easy, but is it? The Universe hears vagueness (clarity’s opposite) like static on a phone line. And if what you’re asking for isn’t clear, the results probably won’t be clear either!

Your job as an energy center swimming in the sea of possibility is to seek out what you really want. What does it look like? How would it be characterized? And most importantly, if this goal were already accomplished, how would you feel?

Visualization is a great way to define your goals. See yourself finishing the marathon. See yourself standing in a clutter free home. See yourself finishing the creative project that is begging for you to return. Now, take that feeling of accomplishment with you as you pursue this goal.

Some of you may think this is counter-intuitive. If you don’t feel the lack of not having achieved, how will you be motivated toward success? This thinking stems from fear. It says you are not whole while you are in the process. It warns you there is a real possibility that you cannot achieve. While it’s true that success is never guaranteed, when effort is put in, growth will happen. Fear-based thinking will not serve your long-term happiness. Who would want to be sentenced to a lifetime of feeling less-than when the truth is they have been whole all along?

Take steps toward achieving!
Now that you have your goals (some seemingly larger than others), consider this: some goals have steps, others are the step. For instance, say you want to own a new car. For the month of March, then, you may decide that you want to separate your savings for the car, visit three dealerships in your area and get prices from the Internet. Voila! Suddenly, the larger goal (buying a new car) is attainable… and you’re progressing toward it nicely.

Just remember, clearly defined goals will triumph vagueness every time.

You can achieve whatever you want. This month can be the month. It is in your hands.

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