Red Responds: Is Now the Right Time?

Hi Red,

You told me I would be meeting someone in early 2007. Actually, last night I ran into someone I met five years ago when we were both separated. We really had fun and had a great connection. We planned another date or two, but with holidays, his children and scheduling, it never happened.

The next year, I lived an hour away and was with someone else… But in 2004, I saw him in a department store. I had a jolt as he told me he had to “rescue his new bride” in the shoe department — how disappointing he had gotten remarried!

Then, last night, there he was alone. His “new” (2004) marriage had lasted just eight months. We exchanged phone numbers and it turns out we live within blocks of each other. We talked for at least two hours.

Is now the right timing for a new friendship or just another fleeting moment? I’m also a bit confused over someone else who comes around now and again (eight times in three years) and seems to care more about his own needs; not a real relationship, but more on the physical level. Should I throw this one to the wind?

I believe the connection from last night is much more the type of person I am looking for — but please be honest and straightforward. I can be too romantic and trusting, and I don’t need more hurt or angst.

Thanks so much, you are wonderful.

Dear A-C,

I don’t know how wonderful I am, I just do the best I can. But, thank you for the compliment!

In order to separate your circling men, I’m going to call them Mr. Need and Mr. Briefly Married.

The thing you’ve got going with Mr. Need simply is what it is. And even though he doesn’t present like a bad guy, he can be needy and rather self-centered. He serves a purpose if you have an itch that needs scratched, but I really don’t see this relationship evolving to a point that is much different from what it has been. Keep him, toss him… it really doesn’t seem to matter.

Now, Mr. Briefly Married. There is some really weird karma that is attached to the two of you. According to my cards, if you play your cards right – now is a great time for things to start to come together. It is, however, somewhat of a dance.

Because of the history, attraction, and karma between the two of you, this is a time to use your head instead of blindly following your heart. You guys keep winding up on each other’s path for a reason. There is unfinished business here as well as a whole lot of potential. All I’m saying is, don’t rush in; it is his responsibility to chase a little bit. There needs to be an air of mystery from you to him, not the presentation of you being ready for him and for things to unfold.

It is going to be a wee bit of a challenge for you, because you are right: you are too romantic and trusting. Allow Mr. Briefly Married to earn your trust while building the relationship, and things look like they can come together pretty smoothly. Also, in terms of passion on the physical plane – do your best to adhere to the three-date rule. (I’m really hoping this gets to you in time!!!) If it doesn’t, well, just keep in mind that things are only in the beginning stages, even if your emotions are getting the best of you.

I’m happy for you!

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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