Red Responds: An Even Newer Job

Dear Red,

I’m about to interview for a new job. The main issue of concern is that I just began the job I have now, less than two months ago.

The new job would require quite a lot of writing, which is a job skill I’m very good at and enjoy very much. However, the job I’m in now is in a company with a good group of people and a supportive atmosphere, which I am nervous to leave.

If I am offered this other position, would I be wise to accept it? Can you say what you foresee?

Crystal in Chicago

Dear Crystal,

While there are many changes that lie ahead of you in your career path, I’m not seeing any changes coming about at this point in time.

Your current job does appear to be a transitional position, but I see you keeping it for at least another four months. During this time, there will be some changes with the position you currently hold, but it seems more lateral than either positive or negative.

Concerning the position you are interviewing for, the interview will go well. While there is not a whole lot of worthy competition for the job, it seems as if there is someone with more experience who will be getting the initial offer. Don’t take this as a loss or failure by any means, because the energy surrounding the position feels rather negative.

Your “dream job” is out there, so keep looking for it. But for now, it looks like it is in your best interest to stay where you are at, and wait for the opening that feels right.

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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