Psychic Q&A: Will He Come Back?

Psychic Q&A: Will He Come Back?

He Just Up and Left!

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Dear Kallista,

I was in an eight-month relationship with a man who was everything I ever wanted but he left me and now I wonder, will he come back? Apparently, he did not feel about me the way I felt about him. He ended things abruptly and stopped communicating with me.

In the eight months we were together, we shared a lot. We met each other’s families and celebrated our relationship every month with cards, gifts, etc. He kept on telling me that I am his future and that he wants what I want. He said that he would see this through. But, things changed in September and I have been miserable since. I have never been in love like this and honestly could see myself with him for the rest of my life. Can you tell me, will he come back? If we will reunite, I want to know when. Will he ever come back to me?

Thank you for your help and guidance.

Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Thank you for your question. I can feel your heartbreak through the words you’ve written. Your question of will he come back is one you’ve been agonizing over for some time. While you and this man experienced a wonderful connection for so many months, your big heart fully opened to him. And while he basked in the wonderful warmth of your love, taking it all in, it seemed like he was opening his heart as fully as you. He was not. Look back over those eight months and see that even though the sharing seemed to be fairly equal, you felt like you gave him more than he gave you because you did. You are a deeply loving, caring, giving person. He could not match you, but he will feel the loss of you.

As I tune into his energy, he feels guilty for letting you down. He managed to hide much of his immaturity and selfishness from you and he didn’t let on how afraid he was of losing his independence. He did love you, though, and he still does. Now to answer your question of will he come back. He feels that if he did, he would only cause you more pain because he is not ready to move forward. There is no other woman. It’s all coming from within him. It is good for you to keep pulled back from him with your dignity and grace as you have been doing. It is as though you sense that any attempt to pursue him would be painful and fruitless. You are correct, for the energy between you is blocked now.

Sometime during the next seven weeks, a mother figure close to him will encourage him to reach back out to you. His family likes you and they find his hurtful behavior puzzling. Will he come back? Yes. He will want to see how you are doing. But know that even though he has missed you and will delight in being with you again for a time, it looks to be only temporary. He will pull away again, at which point it appears you will end it because no one can be asked to endure this kind of heartache again.

Miracles happen often, but it is best for you to allow yourself to heal from this. It is incredibly hard, but I see that you will be able to overcome this deep pain. When you’re ready, I hope you will allow the new man coming forward in the last half of 2018 to show you the kind of long-lasting love you deserve.

Wishing you love, hope, and blessings,


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7 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Will He Come Back?

    1. Kallista

      Thank you, Arwen.
      You are wonderfully intuitive. You are a great help to everyone who comes your way. I appreciate that you wrote to tell me your kind thoughts.
      Wishing you every blessing!

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Kallista,

    I don’t get a chance to get in here very often, but when I do, I love reading your blog column & replies. Hope your holidays were happy and the New Year brings you many blessings.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    1. Kallista

      Hi Gina Rose,
      How lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words, and for taking the time to check in with me. You are wonderful and your psychic gifts are awesome! Anyone who reads with you is lucky indeed. 🙂 Thank you for your good wishes and I do wish you the same blessings of bliss in all things!
      Blessed Be to you as well,
      Kallista, ext. 9623

  2. Laura

    I was drawn to u when i read this and i really need to speak to u I feel u could help me make a big decision in my here’s my story.i was with a man ten years love of life and he abuse me well he pass away 2012 and i got with older man who was good to me but had mean moments so i lefted then got with my best friend and he’s a jerk and beginning was the best thought i found Mr right I want to know what my man that passed think I should do im toren between both plz HELP

    1. Kallista

      Thank you, Laura. Please do give me a call when it is convenient for you, so you can have a confidential reading.
      Be well,

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