Mantras for Meditation: January 6 – 12

Mantras for Meditation: January 6 - 12

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers divine guidance, organization, imagination, and more in this week’s mantras for meditation. Are you ready to dedicate part of your day to these powerful mantras?

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January 6 (Study): “I am focused and dedicated to remembering what is import right now, for I am a student of life.”

With so many distractions it’s hard to make sure that you complete your plans every day. Instead, make a list of items you must do this week, and then go through and prioritize them. Doing this will ensure you get everything done. It will also keep you on task. And more importantly, it will keep the distractions to a minimum for you.

January 7 (Fertility): “My life is a fertile ground in which I can grow my abundance.”

Yes, your life is very lush and green with fertility. When you see your life this way, it helps to open your mind in a way that allows new ideas and brilliant dreams to come forward. And it will enable you to see further roads that you can follow to move your life and dreams towards the fruition of your goals.

January 8 (Divine Guidance): “I am open to the Divine Guidance of my higher-self.”

That small voice you hear it’s your higher self! If you ask it to help cheer you on, you will start to feel lighter. And when you ask for help from your guardian angels, they will help you too. By being open to that higher vibrational energy, you will also receive direction toward the path that brings you closer to your bliss. That vibration allows you to see the light in the world that is only visible to you.

January 9 (Safe Home): “My dwelling is my sanctuary where I am free to be true to myself.”

Your home, whether it be a home, an apartment or a condo, means to make you feel safe and free to be who you are at your heart. When you see your home as your perfect sanctuary and you value everything that resides in your place of bliss and happiness, you start to feel it’s more than just a place. The whole structure begins to vibrate at the same frequency as you; it matches your energy level.

January 10 (Psychic Protection): “Before I leave the safety of my sanctuary, I surround myself with positive energy.”

Yes, by keeping yourself in an envelope of blessed energy or picturing yourself surrounded by your guardian angels, you will lessen the impact of anyone’s negative emotions on your spiritual self. Your mantras for meditation encourage you to limit the time you allow your friends, family, and coworkers to complain around you. Listen for 10 to 15 minutes, offer your advice, and then excuse yourself. By taking this step will certainly keep your energy up at the higher vibrations.

January 11 (Imagination): “True intelligence is imagination, not knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Without imagination, nothing you use daily would be here. Your creative thought is one of your most trustworthy and artful allies. It will co-create with you, the life you want, and the prosperity and abundance you need and desire. So, allow your imagination to fuel your dreams and your future. It’s there to work with you at all times, according to your mantras for meditation. Call on it, and know that it’s there for you anytime, anywhere. Just trust yourself to know how to use the insight that it gives to you.

January 12 (Organization): “Organization is a gift that allows us more free leisure time.”

Yes, there is something to be said about being organized. It clears up your mind and allows you to say what you mean. Being organized is a freedom that should be embraced and cherished. It gives a strong sense of accomplishment, which we then can use to grow more abundant as we see more of our dreams come true. It can be the foundation that helps you build the life you want to live.

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