Psychic Q&A: The State Hospital

Psychic Q&A: The State Hospital

Jealous of Their Connection?

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Dear Psychic Reed,

In 2014 I was working at a state hospital. There, I met the mother of one of my patients. Her husband had recently passed away and she and I became close. Her son was one of my favorite patients and after the hospital closed down, I visited him occasionally at the group home he was moved to.

His mother and I had a falling out in 2016, but right before that, I started seeing their last name everywhere—street signs, license plates, articles, etc. She and I no longer speak, but before we parted ways I told her about seeing their last name. She said each sighting was a sign from her husband, letting me know he was protecting her from me. What did I do that he needs to protect her? I don’t know.

Now I feel deceived, and I’m still seeing, reading, and hearing their last name. Is her husband still protecting her from me even though we don’t speak anymore? Or, is there something else going on? What have I done to their family?


Psychic Reed ext. 5105 responds:

Dear R.W.,

When I meditated on your patient at the state hospital and his mom, I found myself in mom’s skinher visiting her son. She was lonely and afraid, so full of anxiety that it made me shake to experience it. Feeling alone in the world terrifies her. I wondered if she’d ever really felt safe in her whole life. What little sense of security she felt came from her husband and that’s gone now. She was feeling so abandoned. Just underneath that was a thick layer of shame. She felt responsible, on some karmic level, for her son being there. She wants his love and wants to be his darling mother but she also doesn’t feel worthy of having the admiration that she craves.

I felt her reaction to her son’s happiness at interacting with you and it was incredibly painful. It reminded her of what she did not have with him, what she wasn’t worthy of having with him. Jealousy was just the beginning! It also brought her shame to the surface. Seeing her son have such a special place in his heart for you made her feel lonely, and brought on an overwhelming sense of disgrace and emptiness. I felt it in my chest and my gut. It’s an especially wicked grief that she simply did not have the ability to cope with.

Since this horrible feeling came on when she saw you and her son interact, a very defensive part of her brain kicked in and sought to protect her from seeing you and her son interact at all. She mistakenly identified you as the source of her pain, because she could not deal with the real source. She began to villainize you and over time, you became her enemy.

You never did anything wrong here. She misinterpreted the signs in an attempt to ease her incredible pain.

She credits her late husband for protecting her for two reasons: Her pain and fear were so overwhelming that she believed it would take something out-of-this-world to relieve her, and she needed to believe that her husband has not abandoned her. The poor woman is in such pain and we can pray for herthat she forgive herself, that she realizes she isn’t alone after all, and that she finds peace.

You were working in that state hospital for a reason. I can tell that it wasn’t just a job, but part of your calling. Many of the people you served there were never there as patients. Some were family members, some were coworkers, and staff too. You weren’t there to serve only those who were patients. However, it wasn’t your place to heal them all, but just to serve them, and you certainly did that.

You are still connected to your patient and his mom, emotionally and spiritually. And, you still have so much to give. Send them both some love when you see those signs. And let the signs be a reminder of all the gifts you have given, and still have to give.

Many blessings,


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3 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: The State Hospital

  1. Sirkaddis

    Some one is abusing me with physic mind reader with out my concent and it is affecting my health and its emotional problems I need your help

  2. Sirkaddis

    Hi some one is abusing me with physic mind reader with out my concent and they are affecting my health I need your help pls

  3. Charline

    Hello Reed,

    My natural father died recently. I’m not close to his family. I think they see me as a threat. I’m waiting to hear about his will but i think they are holding back. His wife didn’t allow me to speak at his funeral or introduce me to any one. Only one person spoke to me at all.

    I miss the conversations we had. I told him that i realized he couldn’t do much for me but thanked him for the little bit he could. He told me he loved me so much and missed me growing up. His adopted daughter plays the sister card until i ask direct questions then we become aquaintances.

    What’s really going on here?



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