How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

We All Have Psychic Abilities

Have you ever wondered if you have psychic abilities? If you have, (and even if you haven’t) I have good news for you. You do! Each and every person has the ability to tap into their psychic abilities for they are inherent within us.

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The most amazing realization I have had in my years of working as a psychic medium is discovering that there is not a single one of us who doesn’t have the capacity to develop or unfold our psychic intuition. We come from the world of spirit and as such, we are always connected to that world. Hence, we are connected to the past, present, and the many potential futures. It’s merely a matter of learning how to tap into that connection.

Discovering My Psychic Abilities

When I first became acutely aware of my own intuitive inclination, I was working as a therapist and would know things about clients before they even told me. I did not know how I knew this, but after some pretty amazing cathartic sessions with them, I sought out input from a supervisor. I was actually concerned and a little frightened by this knowing. She, in turn, directed me to a place where I could get training to hone these natural abilities. This helped me to release my fear.

In all of my years, I have yet to meet a single person who has not, at some point, thought of someone who only moments later called them on the phone, or who had a hunch about a job to take, a person to be careful around or a street to avoid. These hunches often keep a person aimed in the right direction or help them with something as simple as a traffic delay. These are not passing coincidences; they are the moments when you have listened!

Signs of Psychic Abilities

Although everyone has psychic ability, there are some telltale signs that can clue you in when your psychic abilities have kicked into gear or are increasing. A few of those signs are:

  1. Feeling a tingling sensation in or around your hands or your head when you are in certain places or around certain people.
  2. Seeing “shadows” out of the corner of your eye that disappear when you turn yourself to face them.
  3.  Dreaming of departed loved ones.
  4. Knowing what will happen before it does.
  5. Knowing someone’s response before they utter a word.
  6. Having difficulty falling or staying asleep at night due to the feeling of “energy” moving through you.

Nurturing Psychic Abilities

If you’re not having any of these feelings, it doesn’t mean you don’t have psychic abilities. Instead, it merely means you are not keyed into them. Here’s how you can increase that awareness and nurture your abilities:

1. Practice Meditation
Start with 10-minute sessions and slowly build up to 20-minute sessions over time. You can even use guided meditations. We are all sensitive to sound, so before you choose a guided meditation, listen for a few minutes to be sure the music and the voice of the person leading it are soothing and comfortable for you. Group meditation is even better than solitary meditation. It has the ability to lift your vibrational frequency even higher (which helps you connect with your psychic abilities) due to a synergistic effect.

2. Spend More Time in Nature
Nature is a natural psychic connector. Walking the dog is a good, but going out in nature by yourself is better. Find a comfortable spot on the ground and sit still. Feel nature around and under you.

3. Engage the Entities That Watch Over You
Whatever your spiritual or religious preference is, call on your higher being. They watch over you. Ask them to make themselves known to you, and ask them to help you open up your psychic awareness. This should be a regular practice so that they know you mean it! Even if you think you are speaking to no one or nothing, do it anyway. Fake it till you make it.

4. Work on Your Stuff
The clearer you are in your own mind and emotions, the clearer the channel you can be for receiving psychic impressions. I always tell my students that they can only go as deep with Spirit or another person as they are willing to go with themselves.

Weakening Psychic Abilities

Just as there are ways to nurture your abilities, likewise, there are things that weaken your intuitive senses. Here’s what you need to avoid:

  1. Taking poor care of your physical body.
  2. Using excessive amounts of alcohol or other mind-altering substances.
  3. Having a negative outlook.
  4. Being surrounded by too much negativity and drama.

Using Your Psychic Abilities for Everyday Things

You don’t have to have the goal of becoming a professional psychic, like me, in order to utilize your psychic abilities. Here’s how you can use them in your daily life:

  1. They can let you know which jobs to apply for and which jobs to accept.
  2. Your psychic abilities can help you better understand your personal and professional relationships.
  3. They can help you find long-term love.
  4. Your abilities can help you consciously connect with your loved ones, maintain your relationships with them, and receive their comfort, guidance, and direction.
  5. They can help you find the fastest route anywhere!

There really is no end to what nurturing your psychic abilities can do. However, I do urge you to avoid using them to pry into private areas, like someone else’s personal life. Abusing your psychic abilities can also weaken them.

Foresight, Not Hindsight

In my work as a psychic advisor, I use these skills to not only “see what’s coming” but also to look past the current trend and see what happens if someone takes another direction in life. This way, callers can be armed with foresight, which is much more empowering than hindsight! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do that in your own life? You can! Patience, practice, and openness will open your psychic abilities and lead you to a much more fulfilling life.

Psychic Aisha

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14 thoughts on “How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

  1. Barry Sears

    Hi Aisha,
    I am open minded to communications as I have discussed with Mother Earth and we have a wonderful relationship. I have also communicated physically with the Celestial Body or Father for over twenty years now. I have formulated many articles which simplify my initial manuscript of information about life. Because I have spent so long formulating the information and have developed my relationship and communication with these superstructures, I find it difficult to share my knowledge and understanding. My work is heavily guided spiritually with Mother Earth or the Earthly body and terrestrial life and when formulated secondarily confirmed with Celestial communications. I am currently working a connection and have asked for an Antarctic earthquake/movement, enough to gain attention news worthy but gentle enough to be harmless. Using this to gain attention to confirm and authenticate the foundation articles for “The New Perspective”.

    Do you have any feelings or ideas based on my postings. Any guidance and feed back would be much appreciated. Cheers Barry

  2. Barry Sears

    Internal information is received through your head or mind. External information can be received through terrestrial life forms such as animals wishing to communicate without the use of words. Tools such as stones, cards…. can be used to receive information. Messages can be through indirect words heard but not directed to you. Communication can be through direct conversation, this may be information direct or integrated with other messages, meaningful to you on a subtle level, taking on a personal meaning. Another level of communication can come through Earthly conditions or elements. This may be voices in the wind, the sun producing moments, volcanic activity, floods, droughts, lightening, snow…..
    All of these plus others I may have missed are Earthbound forms of communication requiring interpretation and meaning for someone willing and able to listen, interpret and then act or respond to the information.
    To communicate with the next level of life being the heavenly realm, known as a full Celestial body, as Nut, the Father, Ranginui…. communication can be once again received internally, through the mind but a physical connection can be obtained and developed using as I call “guiding lights” or shooting stars. Once this connection is made a simple language can be developed.

  3. Barry Sears

    I grew up observing the relationship between the twelve zones of the human body related to the twelve zones of the Celestial body. I was shown, guided by spiritual experiences how the body of Nut connected to the body of Geb. The twelve zodiac signs are observations of “below” the twelve zones around the Earth’s body or equatorial region. This has become lost knowledge ready for realignment. Leo is the lung region and is stamped in stone with the Sphinx. Beside Leo is Virgo the womb connection to the body and beside the Sphinx is the land of Virgo stamped by Mr Christ and the Virgin Mary. Each twelve Earth zones are marked, starting with the heads of Easter Island to Stonehenge the Cancer sign, even the Merlion half way between Leo and the tail, to the water region of the Pacific….

  4. Barry Sears

    Hello from New Zealnad
    I have had many wonderful spiritual experiences and conclude it is about developing communication to enhance the ability to interpret messages or information. I have been shown a physical form to Mother Earth or the Holy Spirit, Geb….or referred to in New Zealand as Papatuanuku and the Celestial body that of the Father, Nut…. or as referred to in New Zealand as Ranginui. This physical form helps comprehend traditional teachings. These larger structures in life, living in a much longer life cycle, radiate energy systems that mould and influence our own evolution.
    Communication is either one internally received or externally delivered. Externally is presented to us in a few options for interpretation. The intensity can magnify based on your interpretation and ability to respond and use the information. It is a recommendation to define and construct your communication or new language with simple interpretation techniques like “this” for yes or “that” for no. Like any conversation though you can become involved or loose interest. It is always reassuring to know there are always people or sites like this that can offer guidance, advice through experience and reassurance.

  5. Paul

    I have experience certain things that I think I beyond ordinary and I am just afraid and now very careful because I feel strongly I am being watch by forces beyond my control.
    My first experience was about 18 yrs ago. I was walking on the side of the road with my siblings and something came into my mind to cross to the other side and I immediately told my siblings to cross and within few seconds a car ran through that side of the road to my surprise. I just brush it off and did not pay much attention to it.
    Secondly, I was in the washroom bathing and something tell me to go out and see what was going on in the siting room on getting there I saw my girlfriend trying to take my handkerchief and put it in her handbag for ritual purpose. She was shocked to see me with soap on my head and she told me right there that I am not an ordinary person. Again , I brushed it off and move on with my life.
    But lately since last year , 2017, I now have vivid dreams of things that are about to happen almost every Sunday .
    There are so many things that have happened to me that are extraordinary . I went through some dangerous situations but I came out victorious . I am really scare .

    1. Aisha x5865

      Hi Paul
      It sounds like there is no need to be scared. You are being guided and protected by your intuition, higher self and or guides. Embrace this gift and it can help you navigate and negotiate your life even better! Often times we recall only the scary times but we use our intuition even when we don’t know it. Knowing a job to avoid, or a situation. This can help us to feel safer not less safe.
      Keep working on it and keep yourself positive and your experience will be positive

  6. Teresa

    I am moving closer to this ability all the time… it’s a little unsettljng but makes me more self-assured in life.

    1. Aisha x5865

      Glad to hear you are working on unfolding this ability Teresa! Yes it does help us feel more self-assured in life – it does not need to be unsettling! We all have this ability, it is natural. It is often modern societal norms that make us feel it is not.

  7. Sherry fields

    I have all the signs of being pychic but very afraid to call out who’s watching over me I don’t want any negative energy to come instead .the only thing I can’t get clear vision of is my relationship with my new boyfriend .I keep having dreams I’m fighting women but I don’t know if he’s really cheating .I thought maybe I should let him go but now I’m pregnant by him .what to do ?

    1. Aisha x5865

      Hi Sherry – As I wrote in the article above, if you are keeping yourself and your environment clear of unfelt emotions, and keeping your vibrations high then you do not need to worry about negative energy invading – Like attracts Like is a spiritual principle that holds true in all that we do, including our connection to the other world.
      Do some regular mediating, take care of your emotions, burn some scents that make you feel peaceful and positively energized and ask that your guides or guardians allow only those in who would come for your highest good!
      Another good tip is to connect regarding things that are not emotionally scary for us. (eg: worrying about your BF’s fidelity) even those of us that do this full time need to seek outside guidance when things are too close! CP has lots of great advisors that could give you insight into your situation

  8. Psychic Mariposa

    The first time I can remember and recall a vivid psychic moment was in 2006. I had just broken off an engagement, and I was staying at a friends house. I had laid down to take a nap, and I had a very vivid dream of a car crash at a local intersection. In the dream, I knew there was a pregnant lady in the back of one of the vehicles, she was stuck, but no one could see her. After I woke up, I went out to my parents place for dinner – and I happened to pass by that intersection. I was stunned to see the exact crash scene that I had just witnessed in my dream! I stopped my vehicle, jumped out and approached a responder to the scene. When I asked him about the pregnant lady, he didn’t know what I was talking about – so I said “she’s in the back of the minivan”. Lo and behold, when they finally got the back of the van free – there she was. I didn’t have any explanations as to how I knew she was there, and I definitely did not know anything about her – but that day will forever stay in my mind. I have since learned to explore my gifts and talents, out of personal curiosity more than anything.

    I always remind people that coincidence is a rare thing. Most times, when things seem too coincidental, it is because there is something stronger behind it – you just need to connect to it.

  9. Aisha x5865

    Hi Rosaly – another important factor to keep in mind when dealing with our psychic senses is that we have the ability to be in control of them all of the time – If someone is trying to control you, they only succeed if you allow that – therefore go back to the article and note where I mention that it is important to be aware of and work on your own issues. My sense is that this person trying to “control” you has, at one point been given the message from you that they can. You may greatly benefit from having an advisor look more deeply into this situation for you, to give you clear guidance and direction on where to begin

  10. Rosaly

    The energy around me is very strong…I am sensing situation before they even happen in a very strange way. Normally I can handle the energy but this time it is different. I am dealing with someone who is trying to control me. I know this situation doesn’t feel good at the moment…I can’t clarification to move on. I am in need of help, can you?

    1. Kimberly Lynn sue baugh

      Hi Rosaly, I left my ex about oh I’m 59 and our two sons are 34 + 36 so yeah he was a real you know what and dangerous and after leaving leaving leaving one time he ran over my dad’s car one time he snuck in while I was sleeping at my mom’s and pulled a knife on me blah blah blah whatever you do don’t let him find out that you’re leaving good luck and I’m sorry have to go through it

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