Psychic Q&A: Is my relationship long-term?

Psychic Q&A - Long-term Relationship | California Psychics

Scared to Commit

Hi Kallista,

I’m in a relationship with an individual named Carlos. He is younger than me and confused about our relationship. He said he is scared to commit because he might fail. Help me find some clarity, please.

Thank you,


Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Dear M,

It feels like you are wondering if you and Carlos will have a long-term or short-term relationship. The reading shows that Carlos loves you. He sees you as very special to him. While there are sweet moments, there’s also pain because he continues to drag his feet at the idea of long-term commitment. He is being honest with you. He is scared to commit, and he realizes he’s being selfish because he is not ready to give up his independence.

Unfortunately, age does little to indicate whether or not a person is truly mature within. This has nothing to do with his being younger than you. It has everything to do with his emotional immaturity.

M, he’s not confused. He just doesn’t want to let go of his freedom and take on the responsibility of a committed relationship with anyone. By the time he is ready to re-think his stance, it will be years from now. I’m sorry to say that it looks like he will lose you because of his inability to give you what you need. It appears this will not be a long-term, but a short-term relationship instead, and it has certainly been challenging and difficult for you in many ways. You deserve this clarity of knowing his real intentions.

It can be hard to think about new love when you still care deeply for the man you’re with but know that new love is coming for you this year if you allow it.

Wishing you every blessing,


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5 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Is my relationship long-term?

  1. Emily H.

    Last night I had a dream that my stomach started to hurt. Then I saw and felt the baby moving from side to side across my tummy. I started to rub my tummy and move the baby from under my ribs and felt better holding my tummy. Then told my husband “I’m pregnant baby” and just layed there smiling rubbing my tummy Then I woke up It seemed so real I was hurting a little in my lower abdomen I swear it was real I have never had a dream like this before. What does this mean. Thank you in advance

  2. Rehana Velji

    Dear Kallista

    I am deeply in love with a man called Alexandre Caldas. I know he cares but he will not commit. His reason is that he was hurt deeply before. Can you please tell me anything about this situation. Thank you with love and light

  3. JudyMacDonald

    I have feelings for this man,and we haven’t meet yet but we seem to have this emotional connection
    Is it real? Or am I being played??
    I’m scared I will be hurt again
    But I have never opened up and think of him and he calls me and was thinking of me


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