Psychic Q&A: Is It Karma or Luck?

Psychic Q&A: Is it Karma or Luck | California Psychics

Does Karma or Luck Define a Person’s Path?

Hi Psychic Kallista,

Is it karma or luck? I’m having a hard time trying to distinguish the two. I try to be a good person in the hopes that good will come back to me, but it feels like I can’t catch a break. My car got a flat tire and someone stole my credit card number… both in the same week. Meanwhile, my colleague got a promotion over me. She is always late and I have to cover for her time and time again. Where is the Karma? Is she just a really lucky person? Am I not a lucky person?



Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Hi Samantha,

You asked if what you’ve experienced is karma or luck. This is a good question, for many people have a hard time distinguishing between karma and luck. These terms seem interchangeable, and too often people assume karma, or even “bad” luck, only means punishment, but that’s not exactly accurate. It’s much more complex and positive than that.

First of all, your spiritual energy is bright, beautiful, and loving. Your heart is glowing with golden light. You try hard to help ease the suffering of others and be a good person. Your karma is actually very good. I don’t feel bad luck following you around, either. You just had a rough week! Things will get better for you. I can sense it.

Please know that your colleague is already feeling tremendous pressure to fulfill her new position. She worries that her habitual lateness will cause her problems going forward, and unless she makes changes, she will be right. She will have to work extra hard to earn every dime she makes, and while it will be a learning experience, it won’t be easy.

If a door to something you want closes, think of it as protection, because something is protecting you. You have a better promotion coming to you in the next few months, but you will be more than ready for it, and it will be easier for you to make progress.

Karma, or “bad” luck, is seen by by  for something they don’t know they did in some past life. But would a loving mother or father or Higher Power be so cruel as to punish or correct their children without telling them what they had done wrong, or how to make it right? Would any child learn from this? No. They would just feel afraid and abused.

Instead, it helps us to see karma and luck as learning life lessons. We all have to learn so we can grow and do better. We are being taught many things, such as how to have more patience, how to become stronger within, and how to have more compassion and empathy. Are some lessons harder to learn than others? Yes, but I believe we have help from a loving Higher Power to assist us.

Please keep going forward with faith, hope, and trust, for your karmic path ahead appears to be full of wonderful karma and luck and beautiful blessings too!


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4 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Is It Karma or Luck?

  1. Tiffany Frazier

    I feel that i gave some kind of force blocking or stopping me..been trying to publish and write my books and poems and get my company started..trying to find a steady job.

  2. Tiffany

    I have been down on my luck..every since last year..have not been able to find a job and when i do it never last..and other things that have been happening to me..Sometimes i feel it’s like I have been giving time to finish up a few things i have been working on. Such as finishing my book,and going ahead get my company started and writing poems..and trying to publish and find a artist..

  3. Lisa

    Am at the point as to whether or not to trust or believe psychic or tartot readings.None have been accurate or come true.So is this just for entertainment?

  4. Bridget B

    I can’t seem to catch a break financially. I’m trying to get out of this hole but it seems as though it’s getting deeper. I owe $21k for student loans & $1,700 I’m credit cards. Will there be a financial breakthrough soon for me?


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