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Understanding the Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde, also written as Mercury Rx, is nothing to fear. It has its own blessings for you. Mercury is in retrograde from March 5-28. While there may be some chaos and confusion now, Pisces brings compassionate, loving, and healing energy. Spiritual blessings abound. Creativity bursts forth. You will benefit greatly from listening to your intuition. Meditation will be more rewarding, giving inner revelations.

Practice Patience

Rest and relax as much as you can, because Mercury Rx tends to slow things down. Do your planning now. Clear stuff out and clean things up, be it relationships or things. If you are too busy to take time out, then at least take cat naps. Re-energize yourself. Finish up old projects. Also, look for people from your past to return!

Practice patience. Communication can be muddled, so try to avoid misunderstandings and arguments by checking to see if you are hearing what others are really saying. Try to avoid assuming the worst, especially in relationships. But if upsets, fights, or even a break-up comes about, don’t despair. Reconciliation will often ensue.

Expect the Unexpected

Expect the unexpected. Be ready for cancellations and delays, especially around travel. Allow yourself extra travel time. If your intuition warns you to not go, please listen to it. While the timing of events can be thrown off, it can also be perfect. Sometimes you just have to do a thing and trust all will be well. In these cases, things usually turn out okay.

Read both your sun sign–and if you know what it is, your rising sign– for helpful insights. If you need help finding out where your rising sign is, any of our talented astrologers will be happy to assist you.

Aries: Patiently slowing down can be hard for you to do but take your “me-time.” Think twice before acting. Be extra vigilant about your privacy on any kind of technology. Guard your secrets to avoid any of them being revealed. Pay attention to your dreams and you may receive some spiritual information that will inspire you.

Taurus: Clean your emotional house now. Release old grievances. Retrogrades can make it hard to see the whole picture, so take things with a grain of salt. Reassess who you are allowing to be around you, particularly any long-term relationships.

Gemini: Communication is your thing, for you are ruled by Mercury, but beware of mix-ups. Meditate to keep calm. Review your career now; are you going in the direction you want? Your creativity rises but avoid flitting like a hummingbird from flower to flower or project to project without finishing what you start. Try to play more.

Cancer: Your time for healing is now. Let go of past pain. If you’re feeling low, go into your peaceful place to soothe yourself. Practice meditative yoga. This is not an ideal time for starting a new class or studying, but if you must, then check facts and figures–twice. You’ll do fine.

Leo: You lead the way with your own royal style, but let someone else take the reins for a bit while you rest up. Keep a sharp eye on your money. Reevaluate all you are doing. Are you happy? Do you want to take your current entourage along, or are you ready for new friends?

Virgo: Your sign is the opposite of Pisces, so this may be a more challenging time than usual, because you may feel like it’s difficult to nail down facts or precise information. Be gentle with yourself. Release the need for perfectionism. Let your intuitive feelings lead and trust where they guide you.

Libra: Watch for the return of old loves. If you don’t take them back, you’ll at least be able to create healing closure. Practice self-care and sweet relaxation. If people try to drag you into arguments, don’t take the bait. Your daily routine might experience some changes, so remain flexible.

Scorpio: Be kind to yourself. Reset your boundaries with children and adults. If painful emotions try to drag you under, remember that you’ve handled deep feelings all your life. You’re an expert at swimming through stormy seas. Know that any hurt is only coming up to be released. Trust your wonderful intuition.

Sagittarius: You want to be sensitive in what you say now. Blunt words may strike a blow that will be hard, if not impossible, to come back from. Remember, words can leave scars. Avoid buying or selling property if you can; try to wait a few weeks. Do less traveling and more curling up in your pillows.

Capricorn: Focus on enjoying the fruits of your intensive labors now. Instead of speeding up, slow down and recalibrate. You usually drive defensively and watch out for the other guy, and your carefulness will help ensure that you’ll do well in your travels about town.

Aquarius: You have a powerful mind and you must keep watch on where your thoughts take you. You’re a great friend; make sure others are worth being loyal to. More money is heading your way, so pay attention to all things financial.

Pisces: You may be spared much of the current chaotic intensity because this retrograde is in your element. Expect positive transformation in the way you see yourself. Stick with kind people. Get the alone time you need to reflect and regenerate. You are not hiding or escaping; you are recharging.

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