Psychic Q&A: Husband Delaying Divorce

A Drawn-Out Divorce

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Dear Psychic Sloane,

I have a husband delaying divorce. On September 11, 2005, my husband left me. Although we still keep in contact, I miss him terribly. The strange thing is that he has not filed for divorce yet and it has been over a decade! I’m not sure what’s going on or why he’s hesitating. Does he want to get back together? Or, is there another reason I don’t know about? Should I initiate the divorce process and move on with my life? I’m really confused!


Psychic Sloane ext. 6570 responds:

Dear A.W.,

This is a difficult relationship to let go of, however, you do need to move forward as soon as you feel ready. You’ve had 12 years of your husband delaying divorce and in that time you’ve been given the chance to accept what is happening. Although you love him deeply, he will not be coming back for you in the way he once did because he has found a different life for himself that he needs to explore.

I know you miss him dearly, but please know you will have happiness in the future; he is certainly not able to move forward with you. Take things in small steps and do what you can to concentrate on healing your heart too. This process is emotional and it will come in huge waves, so take care of yourself by releasing the wounds and receiving energy from the universe. You’ll be happier once you take this process into your own hands.

All my best,


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  1. Monya

    My boyfriend and I got back together after a short breakup… it seems to be going fine and things seem to different and changed for the better… the reason we broke up for that short period of time was bc he cheated. I feel at times or have in the back of my head will he do it again? I’ve never had anyone cheat on me before and I’m a very trusting person. I don’t if it’s bc I’m afraid he will again or keep secrets from me. I’m trying out that behind us. I feel like I can trust I have no reason to believe that he is but there’s that fear! Will we be ok? Will we make it?


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