What Men Can Learn From Women

What Men Can Learn From Women

Learn From Each Other

While men and women are equal, they do have different innate qualities and characteristics. Men and women are “better” at certain skills, but both have a lot to teach the other gender. And it’s important to learn if we want to become more well-rounded humans. In that spirit, here are five qualities men can learn from women.

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1. Men Can Learn to Engage in Self-Care
Men are better at zoning out and letting themselves do nothing to cope with a stressful day, but women are actually better at self-care. Whether it’s keeping up with their hygiene routines (makeup, flossing their teeth, moisturizing, etc.) or going to the doctor at the first sign that something’s amiss, women are better than men at putting themselves first. Guys, give yourself permission to put yourself and your health first too.

2. Men Can Learn to Be Good Listeners
Guys can be awesome during a crisis. They can jump in and show you exactly how to fix something. However, that’s not always what someone needs. Sometimes, people just want someone to listen to them; they don’t always want advice. Women typically offer a shoulder to cry on and men can do that too. They can at least allow for some tears and venting before they try to fix things.

3. Men Can Learn to Prioritize Camaraderie Over Competition
Characteristically, women like to work together while men compete with each other to get to the top. Learning the importance of teamwork, compromise, and sharing the success can help men be more productive at work (and more successful delegators) as well as happier in their relationships. Give it a try and see what happens.

4. Men Can Learn to Express Their Feelings
From a young age, many boys are taught to suppress their emotions—especially when it comes to crying. But not allowing yourself to release these feelings can lead to bigger emotional blowups in the future, not to mention issues like acting out. Those feelings have to go somewhere and usually they end up manifesting in the form of destructive behaviors. Instead, give yourself the chance to be frustrated, disappointed, sad or whatever feelings you’re feeling. Women don’t need to be the only “emotional” ones in this world. It would do everyone some good if men could freely express their feelings without judgment too.

5. Men Can Learn to Ask Their Friends for Emotional Support
Sure, the last thing you want to do when you’re with the guys is talk about your deepest, darkest fears and disappointments. But if you don’t have a family member or romantic partner you can share with, you may need to turn to your buddies for support—something women often do without even thinking about it. Being able to do more than just shoot the breeze with your bros will deepen your friendships and help you create real, lasting bonds that can enrich your life. Give yourself and your pals the space to really connect. You may just surprise each other.

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  1. Shaun

    Can they truly learn I’ve loved and loved and loved and did for so many but endured so much abuse,cheating,name calling what have they learned no matter how good I am and offer words of knowledge,love,and wisdom even my oldest son they never seem to get it what am I doing wrong


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