Psychic Q&A: Flirting at Work

From Flirting to a Relationship

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Dear Kallista,

I met this man five years ago, we hit it off really well and were always flirting at work. He would come in and we would talk and laugh. Things were moving forward, but then I had to transfer. We stayed in touch, but it didn’t feel like it used to. Lately, I find myself thinking about him on a daily basis and how much I care for him and miss him. Does he still think of me? When we talked at my work, he would drop subtle hints, letting me know where he was going to be later. He also knew I got a promotion before I got the chance to tell him. I would love to ask him to meet me somewhere, but I am too shy. I know it sounds silly, but is there a chance that we might rekindle what we used to have?


Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Dear V.W.,

Thank you for writing to me. My goodness, that man just lit up every time he looked at you. When you were flirting at work, he saw you as a pretty lady, quite intelligent, and someone with a warm sense of humor. At the time, he had many thoughts about how he would like to enjoy you—particularly in a physical way—for the chemistry between you was quite strong. That chemistry left an impression on you both, and he does indeed still think of you now and then.

If you could open yourself to a brief romantic fling, that could be arranged. But know that’s all it would be. And it looks like you’d have to do the asking. He’s got another woman (or two) he’s connected to. That’s one reason why he hasn’t done very much to pursue this after your promotion. (Congratulations, by the way. You earned it! He thinks so, too.) When you love, you love deeply, and flings that result from flirting at work don’t seem to really appeal to you. Only you can decide if it would be worth it.

May all that is joyful be yours.


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  1. Deb Church

    Dear Kallista, My relations is really messed up and I live with someone,most of the time fighting,but have strong feelings for another


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