Mantras for Meditation: November 18 – 24

The Power of Mantras

This week, Psychic Denisha covers momentum, celebrations, tenacity, and swiftness in her mantras for meditation. Are you ready to use these powerful mantras every day?

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November 18 (A Place of Power):Yes, I have the authority to be certain of what I need right now.”

Make this statement as strong-willed as you can. By telling yourself this, you will find the confidence to move forward. Others may question you, but it’s your path, so walk it bravely with your head held high. You will find that being able to do this helps you move all areas of your life forward. What others see as a risk you know as a necessary change to reach the goals you are setting for yourself and your life. Therefore, grab the brass ring because it’s yours to grab.

November 19 (Momentum):I am gaining speed in the achievement of my dreams and goals.”

You need to think a few steps ahead in all you do. You have done all the planning, and the arranging of all the pieces, and you need to make your goals a reality. Now you have gathered the steam to get things moving forward. So go ahead and rev your engine and know that you are only racing yourself, but you will win this race. The Divine has given you the power to move things in the direction that will bring you success and blessings. Therefore, keep moving now, and don’t look back.

November 20 (Celebrations): I irrigate my life with joy and happiness.”

You need to see times of happiness and joy as the water that helps to bring your planned achievements to fruition. When you have something to share with others be proud of yourself and give from the heart. Being proud of yourself is perfectly acceptable, and it allows you to show off a bit and there’s nothing wrong in that. So enjoy the celebrations. When you embrace them wholeheartedly, more will come your way.

November 21 (Competitive Edge): I will find an egalitarian way to negotiate.”

By taking a fair-play attitude in all areas of life, you will see that you have the actual power to get an equal share of the outcome. It helps to negate any issues later down the road too. It also gives everyone feelings of being heard, and that their grievances are addressed. When you enter any situation where a debate is required, go into it with a level head and keep your options open. You will find that you’ve gained more than you were asked to give up.

November 22 (Heroism): I am of service to others. I do this gladly.”

When you work to help others, and you put forth your best efforts, others will praise you. You gain the recognition and the rewards you are due. This will also lead to others reaching out when they need your expertise. You will find your social circle growing as others notice all the responsibility you carry. So take a bow and know that you deserve all the accolades that come your way.

November 23 (Tenacity):I have persistence in matters that are worth my time.”

You will find the strength to go after what speaks to your heart. It will also manifest much easier if you show you are willing to fight for what you want. When you stand up for what you believe is right, others will stand with you. They will even stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Your resolve will pay off in the long run, so don’t give up now.

November 24 (Swiftness):I recognize all synchronicities as a sign from above that I am on the right track.”

Now is the time to strike; don’t remain on the sidelines. You need to move now because this is a perfect time. If you wait, you may not get this chance again. Therefore, you need to be ready to jump as soon as the starting gun goes off. Life will start to move very quickly right now and it may seem too quick but soon it will settle into a routine.

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