The Meaning of a Turtle Sighting

Being Fully Present and in the Moment

When you have a turtle sighting, it means that all good things come if you are patient and stay the course. The turtle carries the wisdom of the ages. Part of that message is that life happens in perfect time with the Universe—divine timing. If you rush too fast to meet your goals, then you’ll miss the lessons of the journey along the way. That is the meaning of a turtle sighting.

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Symbolism and Energetic Flow

As an earthen energy, the turtle is a grounding energy. He’s in tune with his environment and knows how to protect himself against the elements. On land, he is slow and steady. You can tap into his energy when you need to ground yourself (a good daily practice). When you need to slow things down or just flow with the rhythm of your environment, look to the turtle.

As a water energy, the turtle can effortlessly ease into a changing environment. He can choose to go with the flow or to be a swift and agile swimmer. Being a grounding energy is all about remaining balanced even when there are changes around you. It’s one thing to tap into the environment, and it’s another thing to let it influence and affect you. Part of turtle symbolism is the notion of peace. He encourages you to walk a peaceful path in life. He also encourages you to find peace of mind and become one with your environment.

If you have the turtle as your spirit or totem animal, he’s encouraging you to take time from your busy schedule for grounding. He wants you to find a lasting way to maintain that balance on a consistent basis. In addition, you may, like the turtle, carry your home on your back, giving you the ability to feel at home wherever you go and connecting to your immediate environment. The shell of the turtle is not only for protection, it’s a symbol of living a well-rounded life. A turtle sighting is all about grounding, balance, a slower pace, emotional understanding, and ancient wisdom. He is also a symbol of the world.

Turtle Island

To many Native Americans, especially the Northeastern woodland tribes (northeastern U.S. and southeastern Canada), the Americas are known as Turtle Island. The ancient story has some variations, but generally speaking, there was an island in the sky where the Sky People (gods) lived. In a land where no one was ever born or died, the Sky Woman suddenly realized she was pregnant with twins. Upon sharing that news with her husband, he fell into a rage and ripped out the only tree on the island, leaving a big hole.

When the Sky Woman peered into the hole, she saw only water below. Then, her “lovely” husband pushed her into the hole and she began to fall towards the water. The animals of the water saw her falling and quickly tried to come up with a solution to save the Sky Woman and to give her a place on which to plant her feet. They dove deep to gather mud from the bottom. The Little Toad was the most successful as he was carrying mud in his mouth. He placed the mud on the back of the Big Turtle which became known as Turtle Island and this land began to grow and expand. Grateful, the Sky Woman sprinkled dust into the air creating the stars, and then she created the Sun and the Moon.

As for the twins, the Sky Woman gave birth to two sons—the warm and kind Sapling and cold-hearted Flint. They both filled the land with their creations. Sapling created animals and flowing rivers and filled them with fish that had no bones. He made plants and filled the world with things that would be useful to humans. Flint, on the other hand, put bones in fish, made thorns on plants holding berries, and he basically tried to destroy all of the good things his brother had given the world. Eventually, they fought in battle and Sapling won. Because Flint was a god and he could not die, he was made to live on Turtle Island. Sometimes when the earth quakes, the belief is that Flint is exhibiting his anger.

Other cultures such as the Hindu and Chinese have similar creation stories, where the turtle is depicted as the animal carrying Mother Earth as he continues to maintain balance in the world.

Ancient Wisdom

Turtles have been in existence for hundreds of millions of years—longer than crocodiles, alligators, and snakes. That’s a lot of turtle sightings! These cold-blooded members of the lizard family come in all sizes which can be as small as a fingertip or as large as 2,000 pounds. They are the epitome of adaptation and being one with their environment.

If you have a turtle sighting, remember his spiritual message: Slow down, maintain balance in your world, and stay grounded no matter what may be going on around you. Our ecosystem and our very existence are dependent upon us having respect for the Earth and all its creatures, as they all serve to keep our world in proper balance.

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8 thoughts on “The Meaning of a Turtle Sighting

  1. Mary Sansom

    Today I was really surprised when I saw a turtle at
    The corner of my car porch ,I felt a good spirit connection about the turtle I didn’t bother the turtle
    I lost focus on the turtle when my husband and another friend with him but after my husband had left and came back the thought came to me about the turtle but it was gone and I told my husband about the turtle so him and I both tried to find the
    Turtle but it had disappeared. So I felt it was a meaning of being surprised by a turtle .

  2. Summer Gibson

    In Honolulu, Hawaii at Ala Moana Beach this morning. With my Mom. My Mom stayed on shore with our picnic stuff, I went for my swim. About 10 minutes into my swimcersizing, a turtle appeared. Lifted its head 3 or 4 times. Wasn’t more than 3 feet from me. Tried to motion to my Mom so she could also see, but, when I turned back my turtle freind disappeared. Just then, I asked my Mom if she was ready to go back home. We were there already for about 2 hours. So we packed up. Just as we were leaving the beach, I got a phone call that I have been waiting for. It was also the news that I wanted. I am employed again, store associate and pharmacy tech. Start my orientation in 2 days. I have a warm feeling that my turtle friend was a sign that I was going to be recieving blessings. Thank you to my Creator and all created things…of land and see. I am in awe.

  3. Paula francis Angarola

    I found a turtle in my back yard on Monday It was my anniversary I was shocked I should say my dog found him… He or she was beautiful when I walked away he put his head up…. I put him or her in the woods but before I did I gave the turtle water and lettace…… God watch over that baby…..

  4. Arpi

    There’s a large turtle in my backyard now. He was trying to get out but got stuck at the fence. I put him into a container for now and will be returning him to his bayou (it’s 2 blocks away) soon.
    Poor little guy just came to give us some good luck and got lost on his journey.

  5. Ponzella Wilson

    I was laying down looking at TV when something made me get up and went to my back door and I open the door and looked out on the ground and seen a small turtle…I got something to pick him up and bring him inside and placed him in water and he seem to be so peaceful at first I was scared to get him but the more I see the turtle the more it look at me like thank you.

  6. Janet

    I find this so interesting.. the Turtle as it was my first memory about three years old with my grandfather we were out walking in a field and found a turtle and remember him picking it up and gently turned it over to show me its spots wonderful memory .the point is the turtle symbol has seemed to be with me all my life learning to go slow be calm and have patience …. thanks

    1. LJ

      Hi Janet: What a wonderful memory and connection to turtles. They’re one of my favorite as well – they are also full of wisdom. Since you and your grandfather experienced this together, I would also see it as a way the two of you connect on a spiritual level.
      ~ LJ

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