Psychic Q&A: First Love

Psychic Q&A: First Love

Her First Love is Having a Baby With Someone Else

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Dear Kallista,

I am 23 years old and I was dating this guy for a few months who happens to be my first love. He is currently having a baby with his ex-girlfriend. Despite all this, I fell in love with him in such a short time. When I told him how I felt about him (I didn’t tell him I loved him; I just said I had strong feelings and pictured us together), he was taken aback and said he could not commit to me at this time. We recently stopped talking but as crazy as it sounds I am still in love with my first love and I really want to be with him. Is there any possible chance for us in the future?

Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Thank you for reaching out to me. The physical attraction between you and this man was very strong when you first met. He is still connecting with you in that way and he is proud of being your first love, but he feels he doesn’t have anything more to give you. He sees himself as a kind of player. This woman with whom he is having a baby really wants him to marry her, but he is struggling with that idea too because he does not feel ready to make a long-term commitment. To anyone. At least not at this time in his life. He wants to do the right thing by his child, but even that looks precarious, for he is desperate to keep his freedom. You were wise to avoid telling him you love him. You had a feeling he would panic, and you were right.

While he is your first love, he is unwilling to truly give of himself emotionally to anyone. Would he return to you for physical pleasure? Yes, and even in the next two to three weeks he may try to do so, and then quickly leave again, but that is not all you want. You want and deserve, to feel loved and cherished. He isn’t allowing himself to give that kind of love, due to his own self-absorption. You deserve better.

Things are about to move quickly for you. At least two new young men are coming forward in the next three months, and one, in particular, will really turn your head. He has brownish hair and a gentle way about him. He carries the energy of a healer, he is a good communicator, and he appears to be studying the healing arts with the intention of becoming a doctor. You will meet him when you are out on an errand. It will feel like a happy surprise to you. You will be mutually attracted to one another. If you allow him into your life, he will gradually become very devoted to you in love. You will feel lucky indeed, for you might not think it’s possible, but you will be delighted to find you love him even more than your first love.

Wishing you every joy and happiness,


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