Mantras for Meditation: January 13 – 19

Mantras for Meditation: January 13 - 19

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers new beginnings, opportunities, the harvest, and more in this week’s mantras for meditation. Are you ready to dedicate part of your day to these powerful mantras?

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January 13 (Harvest): “My actions, thoughts, and dreams are now returning to me.”

You have sown the seeds you wanted to harvest. You have done all the work to make your dreams come true. Now it’s time to get ready to collect what you have planted. When you set your intentions and looked at your vision board, this is what you were doing—making yourself available to harvest what you manifested. Now everything is returning to you. While you are waiting for your rewards, start making a new list and prioritizing what you want to plant for this year. Gather all you need to make your vision boards. You are ready to receive the gifts that the Universe sends back to you.

January 14 (New Beginnings): “I will experience new and wondrous events in my life.”

You said it. Now the Universe will answer your call. You need to be open to seeing something in a different light. You should be looking at a problem differently and thinking outside the box. When you do this, it will allow you to experience life creatively, so you won’t be recycling or reusing methods that are not in line with your higher good. At any time in life, no matter what age you are or where you are, you can begin again. Therefore, wipe the slate clean and start working on changing the direction of your life. You will love the new path you are stepping into.

January 15 (Dream Sweet, Sleep Deep): “I will make my place of sleep serene and peaceful.”

Yes, in today’s world we need to go back to making our place of sleep welcoming and relaxing. That’s because when we feel we have a safe, warm place to lay our heads and dream, we can dream and get the amount of sleep our bodies require to be more alert in the daytime. Therefore, look for ways that work for you and allow your mind to relax before going to slumber for the night. Try to make time to enjoy the sunset, and embrace the midday sun. Doing this also allows you to find peace in the hurried pace of society today. And when you can find a way to be at peace during the day, you will see your mind is relaxed when you are in your place of sanctuary.

January 16 (Listen for Answers): “I know that the Angels hear my prayers.”

Every time you ask God or the Angels for help, they hear you, loud and clear. However, the answer isn’t always a bolt out of the blue. Sometimes it is a gentle nudge in a different direction. The answers can also be in things you may be taking for granted. Responses from the Universe can sometimes be a bit of a song that caught your attention when you have the radio on for background noise. A solution may also come from a bit of overheard conversation while sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee. The lesson here is you just need to be open to allowing the Divine to talk to you in a variety of ways.

January 17 (Counsel to Others): “I have a Divine life mission to help others.”

When you help others, you are reaching for the Divine gifts that are yours to use in this life. You can advise others through your talking, writing, singing, works of charity or handiworks. These talents make a difference in other people’s lives. See your abilities as gifts that qualify you to help others and enact positive change in the world around you.

January 18 (Opportunities): “I will walk through all doorways to new opportunities.”

When you let your fears or insecurities go, and you fully embrace new endeavors, you can reach your goals faster. Allow those butterflies in your stomach to help move your feet forward. When you see yourself being carried forward on the wings of your Guardian Angels, you can appreciate the stroke of good fortune they have bestowed on you. The Universe is always there for you, it has your back, and will open the doors for you to walk through if you just trust that the Divine has your best interest in mind.

January 19 (Changes): “When I feel pushed to make a change, it is a sign of my Higher Self.”

Don’t fear change—either at work or home. Sometimes it takes a bit of a push to get you to notice that it is time to make a difference. When you put your Higher Self or your life’s purpose first, then your path will smooth out. Yes, your Guardian Angels are there to help you, so ask them and they will happily aid. If it’s a change that aligns with your higher vibration, it will manifest quickly.

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