Your Sun Sign: You at Your Core

Your Sun Sign: You at Your Core

Your Sun Sign is the Center of You

Everyone’s astrological chart is unique, and that’s what makes each of us the individuals we are. However, there are three key pillars that form the foundation of your astrological chart—your Moon sign, your rising sign, and your Sun sign. Your Moon sign is your emotional self. Like the light and dark sides of the Moon, there are some things you show others and other things you keep to yourself. Your rising sign is the side of you that you present to the outside world. For example, how you act at work. Therefore, your rising sign portrays how others view you. The Sun is the center of our solar system, and therefore, your Sun sign represents who you are at the very core. Although there is much to say about any Sun sign, here are some example of what makes each one tick:

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Because of headstrong and energetic Mars, you’re ambitious, witty, fun-loving, and fearless when experiencing a challenge. You’re passionate and you commit to your closest circle of friends and family. You are full of energy which needs an outlet, making you the adventurous type. You love the newness of things, especially new love, and you will try to recreate that feeling with your significant other over and over.


You’re all about determination and goals. You can be patient, but if you’re not making headway, you can get moody. Your passions run deep … probably more than you care to admit. You enjoy beauty in nature as well as glittery baubles and the finer luxuries in life. You can also be a money magnet when you focus. As a friend and lover, you are extremely loyal and you can be quite passionate.


You’re an intense thinker who can jump from one subject to the other seamlessly. You’re enthusiastic and full of thoughts and questions because you see the world through the eyes of a child. You are led by thoughts over emotions which can put you in opposition to others. When this happens, you can go a little dark and internalize things. In love, you need someone to talk to, and even more importantly, someone who listens.


You are a sensitive, passionate, and intuitive soul who is led by feelings and emotions. Your moods can change with the transits of the Moon. You are happiest when surrounded by people you love or when you’re feeling cozy in your shell (home)—preferably simultaneously. You love putting down roots, but when your emotions tempt you, you throw caution to the wind and make drastic changes. In addition, you need reassurance, especially when feeling guilty about something.


Your Sun sign has an upbeat personality that lights up any room you enter. You certainly love admiration. You’re deeply passionate and your emotions run deep too. In love, you want a partner who understands and is supportive. However, you can get discouraged when the newness wears off. You have a heart made of gold but it’s also full of pride, so if someone tries to tell you what to do, you can become quite stubborn.


You’re an insightful educator of sorts who likes to share information by example rather than speeches. When it comes to those you care about, you show concern for their emotional and physical well-being. You’re thoughtful, sociable, and even forgiving, but internally you harbor self-doubt which leads you to be more organized than most. You also have a healing effect on others, especially when it comes to your very sensual side.


You are a social creature that blends well into any social situation. You enjoy making others feel comfortable, but you’re most relaxed when around those you know well. Decisions must be weighed and don’t come lightly to this Sun sign! Adept at putting others at ease, your warmth and charm encourage cooperation over confrontation. Still, you’re not fond of compromise. In love, you do best when living in the moment as opposed to planning too far into the future.


You’re instinctive, intuitive, and quick-witted. Your brain and your tongue can be quite sharp, but inside you’re packed with emotions and you’re quite passionate about everything you get into. You live for the truth (finding it and sharing it) and that’s why you’re very careful about who you let into your life. Your nature is restless and for you, making dreams come true is neither impossible nor intangible.


You’re an adventurer at heart who is both highly philosophical as well as a seeker of spiritual fulfillment. You have a hard time saying “no” to spontaneous trips, ideas, and anything last-minute. Excitement of any kind appeals to your Sun sign, while schedules are boring and make you feel contained. In love, you’re all in, and freely give the trust you also expect your other half to give you.


You’re the zodiac’s lover of history, yet you’re very in tune with being in the moment. You would do anything to help others take advantage of life’s little treasures and pleasures. Your organizational skills and determination make people trust you almost instantly, and probably no one has ever seen you crack under pressure. However, you can open up to those you feel safe with, and you need to. You can be highly sensual behind closed doors too.


You are sensitive and passionate, but not led by your emotions. You are a thinker and a realist who possesses a rare objectivity. And, you have affection for things and people who are unique and eccentric. This Sun sign sees itself as unique and therefore doesn’t like being lumped in with others as a group. This description of you may ring true, but it doesn’t explain the individual you are. In love, you have the power of seduction on your side.


You’re creative, imaginative, and possess a unique, mystical, magical aura. Your sensitivity to others is insightful; you can see past a person’s outward persona and straight into their heart. If you’re not working in a creative capacity, you probably have inner turmoil that’s hard to understand. Therefore, you need an outlet for expression. As for love, it never gets old and every day is a romantic adventure.

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