Psychic Q&A: His Controlling Mother

Is He Coming Back?

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Dear Psychic Kallista,

My birthday is 9/28/80 and his birthday is 11/27/88. We were in a long-distance relationship. His mother (5/12/1956) has interfered a lot, and because of that, he and I have not spoken since 5/12/2017. I feel deep in my gut and in my heart that he deeply and truly still loves me. However, he is also feeling trapped by his mom and his new girlfriend. I think he started dating her because he wanted to please his mom who is very controlling. When I saw a picture of his new girlfriend, I got the feeling that she is only looking for someone who could be a father to her young children. I want to know if this madness will ever end. Will this mess with his controlling mom and new girlfriend end, and will he and I be happy and together again?

Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 Responds:

Thank you for writing to me. This problem is causing you deep pain and confusion, and I’m very sorry for the hurt you are experiencing. You correctly sense that this man still cares for you, because he does. Beyond that, I truly wish I had a more comforting response for you, but I feel you want the truth. This man has chosen the more practical path. Does he want to assuage his mother? To some degree, yes. But this is the hard part, and my heart goes out to you: He chose this other woman because he wanted to do so.

He has not attempted to reach out to you because he feels that not only does the long-distance make it impractical to carry on a relationship with you, but also that he wanted to further explore romantically, and he did so. While there is the very slight chance he may connect with you briefly during the holidays, he intends to continue with this new girl and her young children—at least for the time being. I believe in miracles, but you will be happier putting this man behind you. Instead, begin looking ahead, for you have some very good things coming your way.

At the moment, you cannot even think about another man, but if you open your heart, one will come, and soon. It will surprise you how much you will love him if you let yourself do so, for he will be very good to you. He will love you very much and want to marry you. The choice is, and will always be, yours.

Wishing you all that is wonderful,


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2 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: His Controlling Mother

  1. Laney

    I want to thank you for this response. I know the love I have/had for him will hold a special place. I do not hold hate, only love and respect, and do wish him much happiness. My only wish right now would be to know the name/first letter/initials or anythig of this new guy or if I have met him already but haven’t noticed.

  2. Nancy

    Would like to know how my finances are going to be and will my love life get any better? In other words will e and my lasr love ever manage to get back back toghether?


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