This Week in Mantras: October 7 – 13

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers victory, initiative, obstacles, spiritual strength, and more in This Week in Mantras. Are you ready to use these amazing mantras every day?

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October 7 (Obstacles & Challenges): Life is about growth and learning.”

Yes, life will give you challenges to face. However, you will find them easier to get past if you stand still for a moment and look at the bigger picture. That’s because obstacles are there to help you see that you may need to change your direction. When you find yourself stuck, just take a look at your goal. Is it still directly in front of you? If you are true to yourself, you will see that it has moved and a course correction is needed. Then the path will become clear once again for you to traverse with no problems. But remember to keep looking for course corrections to keep yourself on track.

October 8 (Victory & Success):Remember where you came from and what you endured to reach your success.”

Look back at the path you have been walking. See all the twist and turns, stand there and admire the accomplishments you have achieved. Reviewing where you came from will certainly help you enjoy and cherish this success and victory. It will also give you time to rest and regain your strength so that you can start your walk towards your next goal. But for now, stand here and blow your own horn. Hold a little parade for yourself. Throw yourself a grand celebration if you wish. But remember all that you have been through, and be ready to share that story with others when they need encouragement.

October 9 (Stand Your Ground): “Be brave and stick to your core beliefs.”

Yes, now that you have had your victory and you are on your path forward, you are being tested again. But with each step forward you are also growing stronger. It’s also helping you to see what your actual beliefs are, and how they will assist you as you make this trek towards your next success. Yes, you will find success again! You will find you are stronger at the next victory than you were when you started down this path, and it will make that victory more meaningful for you.

October 10 (Accelerated Motion):Is there anything else that needs your attention right now?”

At times you may find yourself moving swiftly with the current and things are going your way. You may want to speed headlong towards your goals, but first, you need to look around and be sure that everything in all the houses of your life is in proper order. This way, when you get to where you want to be, you can enjoy the taste of the champion’s meal without having to work clean-up detail afterward. So sure, jump in with both feet, but only after you have checked to be sure all your ducks are in a row.

October 11 (Spiritual Strength):What do you want to try to do now?”

You may find yourself experimenting with different things in different areas of your life right now. That’s fine; it will allow you to test your limits of spiritual strength before anyone does it for you. But you will also find constant reminders of how strong you truly are. You will find that others turn to you and want you to help them too. Therefore, you should share your stories of spiritual strength; it will help them find theirs too. But believe that the Universe, the Divine, and all the angels have your back and they are there to answer your call.

October 12 (Possibilities): Where are you being called to follow?”

Do you need to change gears? Are you being shown a gate to a new opportunity? You need to look at what you are being called to do. It will be something that opens up a new way of looking at life. It will also help you remove any blockages that are in your way. This is a new time for you to look at what possibilities lay ahead for you.

October 13 (Initiative): “Use the drive you have to make things happen in your life.”

Yes, now is the time for you to actively grasp your power and follow its creative lead. By brainstorming for solutions you want to happen, you will find just how cunning you can be. Don’t deny the power that is yours and yours alone. Keep the flow of this energy moving so that you can be the mover and shaker of your own life. You are your leading character, so use all your skills to make your life what you want it to be.

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  1. Carmen Victoria Astacio

    This weeks horoscope has given me the courage to be optimistic and continue to have faith. I just lost my mom on the 22nd of September, and I just really want to know will I ever be happy, live a life of happiness, and will I ever experience true, unconditional love with a good man?…


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