Your Weekend Horoscope: Practicality Meets Passion

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A Useful Partner

Venus entering virtuous Virgo, equates love with practicality and usefulness. Under this influence, a partner who shows up to fix a leaky sink will hold more appeal than someone who is all style and no substance. Venus activating sexy Mars shows that a helpful partner will be rewarded with passion.

Your weekend horoscope reveals that finding someone to fulfill your ‘honey-do’ list is priority number one! You are definitely turned on by people who are knowledgeable and skillful, especially if they excel in areas where you fall short. Issue an alert for a sexy someone with a tool belt!

Your ruler, Venus, is energizing Mars and heating up your love life. Your sexy and playful vibe makes you the perfect companion for a romantic date. Plan a special evening with your significant other. If you are single, you could meet someone special, so get out and socialize.

You are feeling pretty domestic and will probably want to spend time making your living space more beautiful. Don’t forget to clean up clutter in your bedroom and to make it more inviting, as it could play a starring role in your weekend plans. Be on the lookout for a special guest.

You might feel inspired to express your affection for someone who has caught your eye. You are probably hoping that this will spur him or her into action. Sweet words are likely to be more enticing than an aggressive approach. Make your declaration and then let nature take its course.

Your weekend horoscope shows that you don’t mind footing the bill for fun. Whether it’s romance, hanging with the kids, or creative playtime that’s on the program, you won’t mind spending money if it means that everyone will have a good time. Go for it, Leo. You deserve to splurge.

Image-conscious Venus entering your sign could inspire you to refresh your look. Make changes that will enhance your physical appearance and accentuate your assets, but don’t stop there! If your love life needs a boost, then it might be time to give your bedroom a beauty makeover.

A conversation could become hot and heavy, though a need for discretion around your love life will demand that you keep it behind closed doors. Working matters out privately will ensure that no one interferes and will give you a chance to find out how you really feel.

You can shine on the social scene providing that you put yourself out there and take advantage of opportunities to get together with friends. Your plans could prove to be more expensive than you had anticipated, but the cost will be worth it if you meet someone new.

It won’t hurt to be more assertive when it comes to making the professional contacts that can help to advance your career interests. Certain colleagues are definitely drawn to you and wouldn’t mind getting to know you in a more relaxed setting. Turn on the charm and work your magic!

You want romance to feel like an adventure, so you don’t mind going the distance for love. A long-distance lover could play a part in the picture. Or you might go away on a weekend adventure with someone that you love. Right now is a great time for single Capricorns to try a different type.

Your weekend horoscope shows that you are feeling sexy and in the mood for love. If you are in a relationship, make it your mission to spend intimate time with your mate. Still looking for someone special? Your increased sex appeal can make you the one that people want to know.

Whether you are spending time with your significant other, your BFF, or collaborating with a colleague, you stand to benefit from one-on-one interactions. You could advance your partnership providing that you and your partner are on the same page about what you want. Connect with someone who is on your wavelength.

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