Peace of Heart

A compassionate reader, Psychic Claire ext. 5242 provides extremely detailed readings in which she enthusiastically connects with each caller’s emotional concerns. Her empathic abilities allow her to tune in to her caller’s heart, while psychic information quickly flows through her.

“When somebody calls in,” Claire explains, “I basically tap in to their energy by asking them how they are. Then I follow the energy to the situation they want to read about. It’s a quick tap-in. I just ask their name and how they are, and I’m in. What I specialize in is the empathy part. I merge backwards into people in order to see how they’re feeling, as if I am them. If we’re all one, we should be able to feel how each person feels. I get flashes of situations. I see the energy more than I see the physical. If there’s a lot of turbulence in the energy, then I can tap into that and be able to tell when things are going to happen. I’m empathetic, but I also hear, see and feel. I get flashes.”

Claire manifested her abilities from an early age, but initially suppressed them. “It’s a talent I tried to avoid, because I was told it was bad,” she says. “But the more I tried to avoid it and be good, the more it kept coming. I’ve heard spirits as long as I’ve been able to hear, but I saw my first one at age seven: an Indian chief. I’ll remember him as long as I live. He’d been defeated in battle, and he was bloody, but he was sad, not angry. I didn’t know what to do with that. Then 18, 19 years ago I started studying, trying to find out the info, and if there was anyone else like me. It took off from there; it’s become my life.”

Her training continued with many teachers and paths from around the globe. “I trained in India at the Oneness University; I trained in Lily Dale at Fellowships of the Spirit; I trained at White Light Chapel in Africa. I resonated with India the most. I brought what I learned home; I made it Western. Now I do emotional trauma release on a spirit/soul level. I teach meditation and spiritual advancement classes, and I’m a life coach.”

If Claire could encourage people in the world to realize one thing, what would it be?

“Who they are. We really, truly have a higher self that’s just waiting for us to accept it and be all that we can be. We accept it through finding peace of heart. Peace of heart is what makes your spirit go. Letting go of your history so that you have a clean slate for starting new: that’s what peace of heart is. It’s so much more important than peace of mind. Once you feel it, you can’t get enough. It’s real, fulfilling happiness. You can stay balanced in storms, no matter what’s happening around you. You find completeness in yourself, so that you’re not looking for it from another person. And that other person is a gift in your life, instead of somebody you need to take care of you. We have a choice. We can walk with our ego, or we can walk with our pure hearts. They’re both there waiting to expand. The more you let go of baggage, the more space there will be to be you. When you tap in to your higher self, it’s a grace and a peace that can’t be described. You look around, and you have a new understanding of people. You look around, and you have peace.”

“I dedicate myself to being of service,” Claire concludes. “I don’t even call this a job. I go to help people morning and evening.”

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