Find Your Psychic Fit

Not sure which psychic to choose? Take the quiz below to learn which psychic style suits you best. Do you seek the blunt truth? Or are you looking for someone who softens the news a bit? Maybe you want a spiritual adviser who’s always uplifting, no matter what they see…?

1. Pick one phrase which best describes your personality:

A. Honest to a fault

B. Social butterfly

C. Sugar sweet

2. Pick a flavor that matches your mood:

A. Passion fruit

B. Mellow yellow

C. Berry-licious blue

3. You tend to be

A. More open, more extroverted than most

B. More cheerful, upbeat

C. Quite introverted, sensitive, and shy

Mostly As: You’re Straightforward. You need a reader who tells you what you need to know, point by point. Package it like a spiritual instruction manual. You prefer a psychic who gets straight to the heart of the matter, who doesn’t sugarcoat or mince words. Direct, short and sweet: that’s how you like it.

Mostly Bs: You’re Inspirational. Whether he/she is Mr./Ms. Right or just Mr./Ms. Right Now, the glass is always half full to you. The same applies to psychic answers. It’s more important to find the silver lining in all life’s lessons than to dwell on circumstances. You tend to like readers who act as spiritual cheerleaders.

Mostly Cs: You’re Compassionate. At times, life feels overwhelming, and a flood of clues, insights, and colors seem to fly in all directions during psychic readings. You need a reader who will soften life’s blows, who will run interference with any unexpected twists and turns.

What did you get? Share your results below!

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4 thoughts on “Find Your Psychic Fit

  1. deemaygreaves

    so what happens when you get one of each? does that make you scattered or eclectic?

    interesting no?

    great post though.

  2. ivyx5198

    This is awesome! This is priceless!! I never saw this explained like this. Being a Virgo, I love it when things are spelled out for me. Thank you for your time.
    Ivy oxox

  3. rayven0511

    This was a terrific post!

    I feel that it is so important to understand that it really does take both parties to make a successful reading. Honesty is key — if you know in your heart you’re too sensitive to handle information you may not want to hear, (and it happens to us all!) then read with someone who’s more compassionate. If you’re an inspirational psychic and you’re trying to connect with someone who’s very blunt and wants it “straight up,” then maybe it’s best to pass than create unnecessary frustration for the both of you.

    Great post!

    PS — I’m definitely an “A,” with a slice of “B” and a dash of C-salt!


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