Losing a Pet

Claire in Cameron Park, writes:

My dog Gizmo was accidentally strangled, and when I found him he was dead. I am wracked with guilt over this and need to know if he suffered before his spirit crossed over. Is he safely on the other side, and is he with anyone I know? Thank you, Claire

Dear Claire,

You carry with you so much pain. What happened to your Gizmo was such a horrible accident, but it was an accident.

This may be painful, but I’m going to give you the truth. Gizmo initially physically struggled. He really didn’t understand what was going on, not in a logical way, but he understood that he was in danger, and his instincts told him to resist, and his panic made a bad situation fatal. Don’t torment yourself, though. Peace came quickly for your dog.

I’m not sure if he lost consciousness at some point, or if it is just the way he transitioned, but his actual moment of death was a sensation of pure safety and peace. His pain, his fear, his struggling — all became non-existent. The bad stuff doesn’t even show up as memory. His final experience of life was being a creature in a state of pure bliss and total peace.

Gizmo is somewhere good, but he will be back, in dog form. He seems to visit with several other spirits on his current plane, rather than just stick with one. He seems to be partial with a man in early 1900s dress who walks with a cane and favors his left leg. While this man most certainly is related to you, the irony is that he knew Gizmo before.

Gizmo holds no bad feelings toward you. I don’t have any reason to believe he held you at all responsible. You suffer now, not him. He’s happy, and doesn’t seem to have any thought of his death, or its circumstances. If he were with you now, he’d be licking your face. There’s nothing between you and this dog but love.

I know you feel horrible about what happened, but you have to find a way and work through it. You’ll never forget, but you will find a way to cope. Gizmo would want you to. I strongly encourage you to get in touch with Psychic Violet ext. 9662. My guides are telling me that she could really help you.

I am so sorry for your loss. If only we mere mortals could be at all places at all times.

Brightest Blessings,


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2 thoughts on “Losing a Pet

  1. Diana

    Dear Red, I am excited that you can see things about animals. I lost my beloved 2 year old neutered female cat, that is Lola, 5 months ago (it was back on 12 March 2012). Me and my boyfriend put much effort to search for her for over 2 months…i cried a lot and felt so much pain about her loss. She was one of the most clever cats i have ever known, she would understand whenever I was unhappy and would come close to me to lick me and give me her paws. She could open doors unlike the rest and she was the only one from my 3 cats that sought my companion all the time, thus scratching the door only to be around me. She escaped a cold day of March, when I was out to buy cat food. She would feel really unhappy whenever she saw me leaving home from the balcony above and maybe this is one of the reasons she jumped. Now, i cannot envisage her any more; I adopted 2 more female kittens so as to “forget” her, one of them resembling her a little in terms of appearance. But nothing compares to her. My heart feels as if she is found by someone else but my friend keeps telling me she is dead. Can you tell me what has possibly happened to her? Is she dead or alive, starving like so many other strays out there??

  2. Leanne

    Hi, I put my cat Mullen down on Friday and I feel like I did it to early. Can you give me any information of how he is doing and if the vet hurt him when he put the needle in? The last moment went so fast


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