Red Responds: She Wants to Locate Her Cat’s Remains

Ginny in Waldo writes:

One night while I was away, my dog Juno got out of my yard. He never really left the yard before, even when the gate was left open. My neighbors called me in the morning and said that Juno was out “killing cats” — they said he had a calico and I knew it was Mephisto. When I got home, Mephisto (my cat) was nowhere to be found. I knew what Juno had done based on my neighbors’ description. Mephisto was dear to me — I had her for 18 years. I was devastated that my own dog, whom I had for two and a half years, did it. I’ve thought about it often since, wondering what happened to Phisto’s body and what kind of death she suffered. Can you see where her remains might be?

Dear Ginny,

I am so sorry that you went through this trauma with your pets. That must have been so horrible for you. Try to find what comfort you can in knowing that Juno did not cause Mephisto to suffer, but ultimately saved Mephisto from a more painful death.

There was something ailing Mephisto, and she was coming to a natural end of her life. Juno knew this, and that is why he attacked her. She was carrying the scent of death. In a way, your dog did her a favor. I’ll spare you the details, but her passing was swift and painless because of him.

Even though your Mephisto didn’t have a proper burial, her remains are in the earth. All I can really see is that her body is by a bush, in a place where greens grow wild. This is not where she died, but this is where her body rests. Nature has taken care of what you could not.

Try and find peace in knowing that Mephisto, her soul, has moved on and is free. For her, she had a good life, and a good death. Even though she isn’t ready to come back just yet, I wouldn’t be too surprised, if when she is, she somehow found her way back to you.

I’m very sorry for your loss. I really hope that this helps you.


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