Pets as Spirit Guides

There’s a special magic between humans and the animals with whom we choose to form a powerful connection.

A bond with a pet, one who is living or one who has moved on to the spirit world, can teach us to love unconditionally and to experience our world without endlessly analyzing, categorizing and evaluating. The magic comes from the essential difference between humans and animals. We depend on our logical, linear brains. Animals don’t. For both human and animal, this difference is our greatest strength and our greatest weakness.

Because of our human dependency on the rational mind, and the concepts of time and space, it is only our animals, I believe, that can lead us to understand what a gift it can be to live totally in the present. For an animal, all time is now, and all space is here. Animals may respond to the change in seasons, know when it’s time for their dinner — they may even know exactly how long their walk is supposed to last — but otherwise, space and boundaries simply aren’t relevant.

When you understand this, you understand a lot about working with Pet Spirit Guides. Many of you have written about your animal guides both on the CP Blog and with questions for the Ask Your Spirit Guides columns. The following letters help to illustrate just how our pet Spirit Guides work:

Pookiewookies wrote:

We just lost my beloved cat Crystal Lite, who had been with us for 20 years. She died during surgery. We didn’t get there in time to be with her before she passed way. My son and I are just destroyed, because we weren’t able to say goodbye. Is there some way for us to communicate with her?

Dear Pookiewookies,

If you and your son use your imaginations it will be easy for you to communicate with Crystal Lite. You can even take yourselves back to the moment she passed away and rework the events at the end of her life. All you and need to do is to get centered and quiet, then imagine yourselves with Crystal Lite’s during her surgery. Remember, for her all time is now, so when you arrive in your imaginations, she will be there waiting for you. Imagine you can see her leave her body, then see her spirit form joyfully notice you standing there and following you home. She can stay with you at there as long as you like.

Lauren in Memphis wrote:

I had arthritis in my knees for most of my life. Recently, my dog developed arthritis in his knees, and mine went away for good! As a result, I’ve been acting somewhat foolishly with my newfound freedom. I should have gotten hurt several times, but I am fine. But my dog has been tripping and stumbling and has cuts and bruising from following me around. If my life choices are somehow getting paid for with his loss of well-being, I couldn’t live with myself. Am I hurting my best friend?

Dear Lauren,

The fact that your canine friend is healing you by taking on your injuries and illness is not unheard-of. It even happens to some human healers if they’re not very careful. Your dog doesn’t actually experience himself as separate from you, nor is he consciously taking on the damage that you’re creating, he just is a part of you, and some of that shows up for him physically. If you want to reinstate his well being, Lauren, I’m afraid you’re going to have to clean up your act.

Darrell wrote:

A few years ago, a wild fox came up to my campfire, and let me feed him. This fox would return every night for his visit and free handout, and even followed me to the house on occasion. One night, a neighbor stopped by to visit and the fox ran away. I haven’t seen him since. Does he feel that I betrayed the trust that he had placed in me?

Dear Darrell,

Even though your fox took the friend’s visit as a signal that your face-to-face visiting time is over, he does not feel betrayed. The two of you formed an unshakeable bond, which will, if you learn a bit about the fox and its ‘powers,’ serve you for the rest of your life. It’s a real gift when a Spirit Animal begins your relationship by actually appearing to you in physical form.

By letting our animal friends teach us, we open ourselves to a true present, expand our awareness of spiritual boundlessness, and receive gifts of insight and awareness, which analysis just can’t provide.

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