A Wild Omen?

Do you believe in omens? In what capacity do you believe animals play a part in omens? How does one interpret them?

I was at home enjoying a leisurely Sunday morning. At one point I was lying on the couch asking God and my Spirit Guides to bring me a sign in regard to the direction I should take my life. About 2 hours had passed when all of a sudden I heard a rustling behind me in the living room. Much to my amazement there was a large hawk flying ‘inside’ the house. He looked large enough to be an Eagle but I could tell by his coloring that he was indeed a hawk.

I sat in shock and watched the hawk fly around the house. Then he flew over to the kitchen counter and dining room table where he sat for a little bit. I walked towards him and told him out loud that he would need to let me catch him in order to get him back outside since he was nowhere near a doorway. Within about 5 minutes and much to my amazement, he was on the kitchen floor, lying on his wings (his back) with his huge claws up in the air. I thought maybe he was dead but no, he was perfectly alive, breathing, blinking, just lying there.

Next I thought, “Is it normal for a large bird to be submissive?” It seemed like he was being submissive like a dog would be…obviously, I know nothing about birds. So, I grabbed a towel and picked him up by the fat of his belly and his rib area while pushing his big claws in towards his belly. He let me know by his body language that he didn’t want me to grab his wings or his tail, so I didn’t. I held him with one hand and stared at him for a while. During this time he held his wings out (spread) not flapping them just holding them out like he wanted to show them off.

I told him that he was the most beautiful hawk I had ever seen. When I spoke to him, he would cock his head back and forth, listening to every word I said. He never struggled to get away, fussed, wiggled or tried to bite me at all. After a little while, I decided to get him back outside before he got away from my loose grip. I stepped sideways through the doorway because his wingspan was too large to fit if I walked straight through. I lowered him down gently and placed him onto the grass, he stood there for a moment, rustled his wings and then looked up at me as if to say “Goodbye, I’m leaving now.” I said goodbye, thanked him for gracing me with his presence and invited him back anytime. Then he flew off into the trees.

Please note, about a year ago I realized that I have the ability to communicate with animals, telepathically. I’m not sure if my meeting had anything to do with my gift but I did not communicate with the hawk telepathically as I was too flustered to do so. I know there is a deeper meaning behind this encounter…I would love your feedback. Please share your thoughts on omens and how you believe that animals play a part in them.

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