7 Creative Ways to Memorialize a Pet

7 Creative Ways to Memorialize a Pet

Keep Their Memory Alive

For many of us, our animals are more than just pets—they’re members of the family. And when they pass on, we grieve them intensely; their absence leaves a huge hole in our hearts. While your deceased pets may no longer be with you physically, you can still keep their memory alive. If you’ve lost a dog, cat, bird, snake or any other kind of beloved animal, you’ll want to explore these seven creative ways to memorialize a pet.

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1. Display a Favorite Photograph
One of the best ways to memorialize a pet is to display your favorite photo of them. Whether you keep the photo ar your desk or on your mantel at home, it’s great to have a visual reminder of your best friend. It may be hard at first to look at the picture, so don’t display it right away. However, when enough time passes and you’re ready, you’ll see that picture and smile and that sweet face.

2. Commission Artwork
Why not take the first tip up a notch and have an original artwork commissioned? A professional artist can take your favorite photo of your pet and turn it into a life-size painting or even a sculpture. Artwork is certainly one of the grander ways to memorialize a pet.

3. Make a Shrine
Devote a small table or corner in your home to your deceased pet using special objects and keepsakes. You might create a shrine using their food bowl, collar, a few photographs, and a candle. This area could also become a great place to meditate or simply contemplate life.

4. Make a Paw Print
This requires a bit of forethought before your pet passes. Consider having your pet step into a square of cement in your backyard (or use a clay kit to make a more portable mold) so you can have his or her paw immortalized. Some vets make paw prints of pets that have been euthanized, so don’t forget to ask if that’s a keepsake you’d like to have.

5. Keep Their Tags
Consider wearing your pet’s tags on a necklace or bracelet. You can also keep their tags in your jewelry box for a subtle, tangible reminder of his or her life.

6. Celebrate Their Birthdays
Each year, you can honor your deceased pets by continuing to celebrate their birthday. Say a few words about what they meant to you and perhaps buy or make their favorite treat—you can share it with your new pet or a friend’s pet as a way of marking this special occasion and showing that you still have love to give to other animals in your life.

7. Donate in Their Name
One of the easiest and most impactful ways to memorialize a pet is to pay it forward to animals in need by choosing a cause that’s important to you—like your local humane society or the World Wide Fund for Nature. Give what you can in your pet’s name. You can also schedule regular donations! This certainly allows your deceased pet to leave legacies that go beyond your family and help other animals enjoy better lives.

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2 thoughts on “7 Creative Ways to Memorialize a Pet

  1. Lori

    I’m sitting here with my year old puppy, my son thought it was a great idea to get me one shortly after my beautiful boy Dooley passed, I’ll get back to that. When Dooley passed last March I chose an urn of copper with a big paw print on the top. When I picked it up from my Vet’s office he handed me an envelope to read when I got home. In this envelope was a letter from the University of Guelph ( I live in Ontario Canada) my Vet’s made a very substantial contribution in my dogs name, more tears, the letter also contained their sympathies as well, I thought that was the greatest thing. The following May we picked up our new German shepherd puppy, my eldest son chose his name Ronin. It took awhile for us to bond, my first thought was maybe we shouldn’t have done this. Months later I can’t explain what happened to me some type of enlightenment,(I’m sure Dooley had some hand in it) things changes after that, my boy Ronin has now become my best fur buddy lol!… Dooley will always be with us, I miss him every day, my younger son was out in the garage about 2 months ago, he bought some nice wood and made a shadow box with a window and a led light for Dooley’s urn that is now on our wall downstairs, I wish I could send a picture. Inside this box of course is his urn, collar, a picture, the light is turned on most nights. I guess what I’m trying to say, no matter how you honor your beloved pets, do it your way, with love and respect.


  2. Kathy

    This is quite significant to me that this article appeared today. It was 15 years ago today that one of the first guinea pigs I’d ever owned, Cocoa, passed away after some very bad patches of poor health. Cocoa was a comical little guy with a very sweet nature, and I loved him dearly. (My daughter, who was in elementary school at the time, and I had become enchanted with guinea pigs a couple of years before when my daughter was chosen to be the first one to bring her class’s guinea pig home for the weekend.) One of the veterinary technicians I met during Cocoa’s illnesses was also a psychic, with an unusual service that she would offer to some of the people who brought their pets to her clinic: she would meditate and pray over a picture of the pet to receive a message from the it, showing her its “essence” animal form. She would then make a small, hand-carved image of that totem with a tiny bit of the pet’s hair or ashes encapsulated in the image. The image could be carried in the owner’s pocket or worn on a chain. Cocoa appeared to her as a mountain lion, and his message for me was to be courageous, and exhibit leadership in whatever problems I encountered in life. This didn’t really surprise me, because Cocoa was a very patient and courageous little guy as he endured the many vet visits and treatments he had do go through. Thank you for publishing this article today, giving me reason to remember Cocoa once again.


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