Your Sacred Home

Your home is more than just an address – it’s a breathing, living spiritual cove where you can choose to either create harmony or live in a state of unease. If you create a home that will comfort and sustain you in your busy life – a place that gives you peace in your heart – that energy will extend to the world around you and attract likeminded souls (and even soulmates!).

How is your home doing today?
When you enter it, do you feel relieved – or tense? If you are not walking into well-being when you walk into your home, that’s okay. Be gentle with yourself. Write a list of things – achievable things – that you would like to change. Perhaps you would like to paint a wall or de-clutter a closet. Once you have listed everything, don’t rush to do it all at once. You will get through the list in time. Let your mind relax, and enjoy the journey. Think of your home as constantly evolving and improving to reflect who you really are (or who you are striving to be).

Make an altar just for you
Pick a spot in your home to build an altar. What are your hopes and dreams? Is there a part of you that has not been honored in your life so far? Allow objects to present themselves to you. Whatever you are drawn to is the right thing. Allow your personal altar to take shape in time. As something comes to you, place it in your special corner, hallway, bay window or dresser top. Perhaps you gravitate toward a brightly colored vase, or a beautiful leaf you picked up on a hike. A significant object can be a postcard from your travels (or someone else’s), matches from a favorite restaurant, a mini Buddha – or a sculpture. Whatever objects make sense to you, they are the right ones. Make sure you have at least one candle, and a place for incense.

A time to reflect
Give yourself time each day to look at, pick up, and hold these objects that symbolize your past, hopes and desires. Light your candle and incense to create sacred energy from your reflections. Sit quietly, and allow your inner harmony with these objects to radiate through you so you can carry this harmony throughout your entire home.

Think bigger
As you allow small objects to create sacred energy, you open yourself up to receive bigger ones for your home. Allow your inner peace to guide you toward transforming all of your surroundings – piece by piece – into a space that puts you at ease and relaxes others who enter your sanctuary. Give yourself the gift of creating a home that brings you to peace each time you enter it. Reduce stimulation and clutter. Bring in colors that you like, and objects that are useful and aesthetically pleasing. Take a few things off the wall if there is too much – or hang one piece of art that particularly inspires you. If you possess objects that represent violence, give them a second thought – consider if you really want to keep them out in plain view.

Remember, opening up your home is a gradual evolution. If you continue to be mindful of it as a sacred space where you align yourself with the universe and all its good intentions, you’re on your way.

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