Your Moon Forecast for November 2012

Eclipsing Your Shadow Self

This month’s Full Moon on the 28th summons internal conflicts to the surface, almost willing you to act on your deepest, darkest desires. It will be tempting, but be warned, if you give in, there will be consequences… for better or worse. On the upside, one of those may be finding a brand new (and improved) balance.

Here’s your lunar forecast for November:


New emotional awareness readies you for a deeper experience. The Full Moon in Gemini changes the way you’re perceived by others.


Finances are at the fore this month, highlighted by the eclipse, which forces a shift in priorities and perspective.


You’ve got a big to-do list this month, Twins. Luckily, it’s not all work and no play. Balancing the two will be the trick. 


It’s time to dig deep and find a way to finally express the real you, Cancer. Shore up your creativity; the Full Moon signals a transition to hibernation.


Your roots are the focus this month, Leo—perhaps a change in your familial dynamic or situation or a shift in your most intimate relationships. Don’t worry; your social circle is set to expand.

“Astrology can act as a guide in a very effective and quick way. It keeps you in the day to day of what energies work for the highest good.” – Psychic Quinn ext. 5484


Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with people this month—you may even want to write them down. Your ambitions are beginning to bear fruit.


Your health is of the utmost importance this month, Libra, seconded only by your surroundings. Self-care and environmental beautification are emphasized.


It’s your time of year, stinger and this month’s Moon signals big transitions that will shake the foundations, and help you build new ones.


Listen to your heart, Archer. If you do, the Full Moon may bring with it a person or people who can help you realize your dreams.


Follow through is your most important skill this month, Goat. Keep up with your contacts and see your promises through and improvements will follow.


You may feel frustrated, Water Bearer, but don’t be afraid to assert yourself. By showing your strength, you are given the chance to shine.


Your spirit is refreshed this month, allowing you (by the time the Full Moon arrives on the 29th) to find a restored sense of balance between the personal and professional.

5 thoughts on “Your Moon Forecast for November 2012

  1. Nakia

    Now is the time to dwelve deeper within ourselves and have a deep appreciation for the people around us and life in general.

  2. Agbeve Kudzo Exorm

    Thanks for the message. Kindly explain to me what is ahead because the conflict has already started. Hoping to hearing from you again

  3. c.wright.thru.

    Infinite and Eternal Divine Blessings to S.K. and all.
    Gratitude, Appreciate, Joy, Love, Peace, Wealth, Wellness, Ascension, Light, Healing, Success, Harmony thru out this month, every month, and eternity.

  4. Randy

    Well for better or may I say hrrible has left me high and dry to many times I wouldt trust Marry poopins this time. As far as new people that’s just some one else wanting and always taking

  5. Pamela

    I have been receiving daily horoscopes from your organization for years!! Some time what is said seems a little scary….it is so on “target”…..others not so much….but I find it enjoyable to read them…

    Thank you for your website and your free horoscopes!!


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