Your Eco-Footprint

Every sign has its wonderful and challenging aspects. Below are some of the things to notice about your astrology-driven inclinations and how they can serve the planet.

Aries: You could be a great soldier encouraging ecological initiatives to take place. Your biggest challenge is to slow your life enough that you remember to sort your trash!

: You love the planet and care if it is being served. Then again, you love luxury and comfort, but must balance this with having an energy-efficient home.

Gemini: You are a master communicator who could promote ecological awareness. Your biggest task may be finding the most ecologically correct way to communicate.

Cancer: You are the Earth Mother personified, or a male who deeply respects our planet. You could invite friends over for some of your super healthy, energy-conscious meals.

Leo: You can lead a group to get important ecological work completed. Your grand style would be your compromise with eco-friendliness.

Virgo: You are very aware of health issues for humanity and for the planet. Balance your hard-working style with your desire to help heal the planet.

Libra: You love beauty and balance, and you love to partner with others in helping to heal our human-made problems. Don’t get stuck in indecision when it comes to your sustainability plan.

Scorpio: Your passion for the earth is strong, and you could be a great candidate for an earth-contact home. Your love of caves and underground places, along with your desire to maintain your privacy, would suit such a place.

Sagittarius: My, how you love the outdoors and travel! Since it’s almost impossible for you not to travel and explore, get a hybrid or electric car for your excursions, and be certain your airline is working on eco-friendly fuel.

Capricorn: You can build the organizations necessary to create an earth-friendly, sustainable economy, or you may actually build the physical structures supporting this.

Aquarius: You may come up with the brilliant idea that will help us live in harmony with our planet home. You would be great at organizing an eco-friendly party, since you know everyone in town.

Pisces: You are so sensitive to your environment that it is almost second nature for you to be aware of humanity’s need for self-sustainability on this planet. Just don’t let your dreamy moods keep you from sharing your insights with others.

Now, we have newly discovered solar system friends to guide us: New planets that reflect the need for environmental awareness. They affect all of our charts, and a brief description below will introduce them. There will be an exciting follow-up article about how they affect your chart personally in the near future at California Psychics.

Sea Goddess Sedna is seen by the Inuit people as the creator of all of the sea animals and their food. When Sedna is upset with humanity for not honoring her and her animals, she must be appeased to bring them back for the Inuit hunters. If you were born before the late 1960s, you would have Sedna in Aries, and you belong to the group that gave her a voice and marched forward with her cause of sustainable living. People born after that time have Sedna in Taurus, and your love of this planet will carry her cause forward.

Birdman Makemake is a god of Rapa Nui (Easter Island), the environmentally distressed island where humankind used its tools and skills for the betterment of the environment. If you were born between May 1932 and July 1958, you have Makemake in Cancer, guiding you to use your skills for the planet’s health. Those born between 1958 and July 1986 have Makemake in Leo, creating an awareness of the technology needed for our children’s future. Those of you who were born after that date have Makemake in Virgo. Your skills and technology are associated with health issues.

Hawai’ian Mother Goddess Haumea demands respect for the land and discrimination regarding what we allow in our environment. Those of you born from September 1926 through November 1958 have Haumea in Leo, focusing on children and creativity. From November 1958 to October 1992, you have Haumea in Virgo and appreciate the harvest of her gifts of nature. Those born after October 1992 have Haumea in Libra, where she is now, seeking harmony with the beauty of nature.

Now let’s sort our trash, maximize our use of biodegradable, earth-friendly products, and welcome and honor our new, earth-friendly planets!

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