Working With Crystals

Even with quartz crystals, life is all about relationships. Now that you’ve chosen your crystal, it’s time to become very familiar with it, so you can make the most of your time together.

Begin by studying your crystal’s physical appearance, energies and unique being or personality (yes, many crystal workers feel their gemmy companions have personalities) in detail. Even more important, while you are learning about your crystal, you’re also building the intuitive link that you’ll need to work successfully with it. In other words, you’re not only absorbing the crystal’s energy, you’re transmitting your own. So, if you haven’t worked with energy before, here’s an exercise to build your ability to sense and send it:

Hold your palms an inch or two from each other, then move them just a little closer together and a little further apart again. Continue this repetitive motion until you feel a kind of connection, buzz or tingling, as though you’re holding a ball of energy. Once you feel that vibration, practicing expanding your ball of energy by moving your palms further apart and closer together in larger increments. You should feel the energy ball expanding. Keep doing this until you have built the energy to approximately twice the size of a softball. Then inhale deeply, exhale, and release the energy, shaking your hands.

Now you’ve activated your palms, you’re ready for the next step!

Use a crystal at least 1 inch long with an undamaged natural point. Hold it in your right hand (even if you’re a lefty, it’s usually easier to send energy from your right side), with the point aiming out and the base touching your palm. Then, so you can feel the results of the next step, hold your left palm about 6 to 8 inches from the crystal point.

Imagine that you’re drawing in light to your heart center as you take a few slow, deep breaths (again, creating an “energy ball”). Inhale white light (or whatever color appeals to you) and as you exhale, imagine the ball of light expanding a bit. Keep cycling your breathing until it’s about the size of a basketball.

Then, take an extra deep breath and, as you exhale through your mouth, imagine sending that gathered energy down your right arm, through the crystal, and toward your other palm. If you don’t feel a tingling or buzz the first time, don’t worry. Sometimes it takes a little practice, but you should have this working easily in time to use it for next week’s installment, Taking It to the Next Level: Crystal Programs. Have fun ’til then!

How’s your crystal experience going so far? Whether you’re struggling or succeeding, talk about it and get some psychic advice!

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  1. Karla McGowan

    Why didn’t you just go ahead and make some jewelry for my sign (Taurus)? I would have bought some. Seriously, I’m too busy to do this, but LOVE the idea.


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