Why You Really Shouldn’t Sweat The Small Stuff

The Devil Isn’t Always in the Details

The Sun transitioning through Virgo may bring out detail-driven aspects in all of us, however, if you let it, the spirit of specifics can go too far. After all, while it’s vital to pay attention to the details in life, trying to control every last one of them will only drive you crazy.

Here are a few reasons why you really shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.

Your Perfect Partner May Not Have the Right Shoes

It sounds simplistic, but you’d be surprised. So many people think that knowing what they want means knowing every last detail down to their future spouse’s height in centimeters and their favorite brand of footwear. While it’s important to have a clear picture of the life – and love – you’re looking for, getting too clear about it is going to rule out some pretty wonderful possibilities. And if your priorities are misplaced, it will let in some losers too. Try focusing on how you want to feel with your partner and areas of interest you’d like to share in common. For instance, if you know an intellectual connection is as important to you as a physical one, it’s probably more useful to focus on finding someone with philosophical depth to whom you’re also attracted than it is to demand specific knowledge of your favorite authors a penchant for a certain style of shirt.

Life Never Looks Like You Expect Anyway

It takes a few years to figure this one out, but once you reach a certain age you start to realize that some aspects of life look nothing like what you thought they would before you arrived at them. For example, marriage is hardly a happily ever after, it’s a give and take full of ups and downs. Similarly, career success doesn’t take away all your problems—in fact, when you’re super busy with work, some of your other issues are even harder to deal with! The point is, if you spend all your time worried about your partner’s shoes on the dining room floor or your weight being exactly what it was in high school for your wedding day, you’re wasting your energy. Life isn’t perfect and it’s not measured by these external factors. It’s all about your experience. So, rather than focus on tiny details that don’t have any real impact on your well being, enjoy the moment you’re in while giving proper due to the big stuff. For instance, do you treat each other with love and respect? Are you healthy and fit? Then so what if there are shoes on the floor or a few extra pounds on your backside.

Energy Isn’t Unlimited and it Can Be Misplaced

Sure, when you’re feeling great, you feel alive and energized. But the simple truth is there is only so much output any one human being can give and eventually, you will reach your limit. Do you want to waste valuable life force on making sure your bookshelf is alphabetically organized by author, year and genre or do you want to read the books? Trying to control the entire world around you is an attempt to avoid what’s really going on inside. So if you feel truly compelled to do so, it’s probably time to turn inward and face whatever it is you’re hiding from. Believe it or not, relinquish control of a few things at a time and you’ll be freed in the process.

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7 thoughts on “Why You Really Shouldn’t Sweat The Small Stuff

  1. alicia

    This article is so true. I found out the hard way, in my own life. I always sweated the small stuff, clean on up until my world crashed all around me. I had to make major adjustments in my life. Now I am actually happier, not knowing what is around every corner on my journey, and I realize now how much time and energy I wasted before with useless worry. I am finally free!

  2. Rose Cocca

    this not a perfect world and i dont expect it to be…but we cant just go around and make it a worst place to live…litle things add up to bigger things if it is not get to in the butt…like they say wake up and smell the roses..

  3. Rose Cocca

    i have tried many times to get to be with my partner..of course i love to be with him..i guess he want to get to know me better before he can speak to me…he is like a magnet..i always come back to him..i am always drawn to him…love is on our side i cannot believe we cant make it.. he though i was mad at him..and i though he was mad at me….that is because we dont get together…i love to go on a date but he has to ask me if he can…but he also take it slow…but i cant understand why we cant make itt…i never left ..what i need is a brake so i can my head together…that is why i want to get away for overnite..but i dont seem it is possible..i love to see a christmas show…but i cant go down there alone…we both have problems ..whether they are big or small..i have to put it on the back burner and think of my self…right now i dont have time to get sick..im riding on a rainbow..and hoping it will put me through…

  4. maryannex9146Maryanne

    Perfect article! Thank you so much. Please, please don’t put your life on hold until you know “which shoes he/she will be wearing”.

    Loved it!


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